Thursday, October 25, 2012

Satsuki's 1st Album: Luminous

TABOO is dead. It won't go on.

Came home late last night after round and round with Jhutex.

Get annoyed this morning by that brat.

Need to buy new flash disk.

Great day. What's next?


A ray of light flashing in...the angel has come...

LUMINOUS. Satsuki's 1st full album. Will going to be release on January 9th, 2013.


The preview of the album is here.

In the album, Satsuki includes Sympathy, Romance, FATE, and... Inside!!
I didn't know he plays the piano in the song! (*O*).
I really really love Inside. I'm very happy Satsuki has include it for the album. Arigatou!!

Can't wait for the release. Can't wait to see the new video. Why it has to be in January? Why not next month?

As if I don't have list of things I have to get... *scroll up*

But, I've said that if Satsuki shall release his first full album, then I will be surely going to get it! I've promise it!! So I will keep my promise! I can't wait to have the angel's voice sounding in my house! (^O^).

Thank you for the happiness, Sacchan! Thank you! You are really an angel!

Sacchan's new look reminds me of Rentrer en Soi's old times! 
Beautiful angel!! 

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