Tuesday, October 09, 2012

(review) BUNRAKU

The only reason I’m watching the movie is because of Gacchan aka Gackt!! And after doubting the movie would get to local movie theater, finally it came! Bunraku can be watch in local movie theater! Hurray!

Actually I’ve watched the movie on Ni-chan’s DVD, but I just can’t help it to watch it in properly big screen with decent English translations (^^)

I watched the movie after the J-Melo Fan Meeting. I took the risk to watch it alone in the night. But, it’s Gackt in local cinemas! There’s no way I would pass it by!!

The story is about a certain city rule by someone with the name, “Woodcutter”. Woodcutter rules the city with his ten killers and a numbers of “red army”. This Red Army often scares and took advantage from the town people. That’s when Yoshi (Gackt) appeared. Yoshi came to the city to look for his ancestor’s missing medallion. He visited his uncle restaurant and get into a fight with the Red Army.

At the same time, a strange cowboy (Josh Harnet) also came to the city in pursuit for the Woodcutter (his intention is reveal at the end of the movie). Yoshi and the Cowboy met in a bar whose bartender likes to make a paper book doll. At first Yoshi and the Cowboy were fighting each other, but as they see each other power, they start to work together. Their target is the same, the medallion that Yoshi been looking for was indeed on Woodcutter’s hands.
Because of the fight with the Red Army, Yoshi was arrested by the police (under killer’s number 2 order). The Cowboy and the bartender came to his rescue. They took Yoshi to his uncle whom had to close his restaurant after Yoshi’s collusion with the Red Army. While Yoshi heals himself, the Cowboy took Yoshi’s money and went to the casino to challenge Woodcutter in a card game. The Cowboy can easily beat up every player, include Woodcutter. The Cowboy challenge Woodcutter into a real fight. Killer’s number 2 suggest sending the other killers instead of the boss to go by himself.

The Cowboy was surrounded and gets beaten up by the other killers. This time Yoshi came to the rescue. With the help of the bartender, they manage to escape. But they have to face the killers in a one-by-one fight. Both won in each fight. They finally realize the danger that might lurk on Yoshi’s uncle and his cousin. They hurried back and found the uncle was killed and the cousin or Momoko was missing.

The bartender took Yoshi and the Cowboy to meet this general who has been leading an army of common people. He wants Yoshi and the Cowboy to train the army so they can fight against Woodcutter and his Red Army. The Cowboy refuses the request at first, but then he finally agrees.

The final clash is ready to happen. Yoshi leads the people toward the Red Army’s camp. The Cowboy acts as a bait to lure the guard attention. Yoshi leads the people rushes in. The fight starts. Two of the killers are on the camp; Yoshi faces them along with the Cowboy and the Bartender. Momoko was been held inside the girl’s camp. She was tied into a block of wood while her surround was in fire. Woodcutter’s mistress tries to save Momoko. When she’s looking for something to break Momoko free, the Bartender comes in and save Momoko. The mistress aka Alexandra comes back with scissors on her hand. She’s surprises to see the Bartender and so does he. They knew each other. Not only that, they were lover before Woodcutter laid his hands on Alexandra. Alexandra dies inside the burning camp.

Yoshi and the Cowboy continue to Woodcutter’s hiding place. They climb over a high hill, and was welcome by the rest of the killers. Yoshi and Cowboy beat all of them. Yoshi then confronts killer number 2 who has kill his uncle, while Cowboy confronts Woodcutter. It doesn’t take long time for Woodcutter to beat Cowboy. He throws his axe and perfectly stabs Cowboy left chest.

Mean while Yoshi was being beaten by killer number 2. But, Yoshi takes advantage when killer number 2 get cocky; he takes his katana and stabs it into killer number 2.

Yoshi confronts Woodcutter but gets stop by Cowboy. Woodcutter keeps talking and didn’t see Cowboy picking up the sharp part’s from Yoshi’s arrow. When Woodcutter turns at Cowboy, he quickly stabs the ruler to death.

“The man who said the words were my father”, said the Cowboy.

Momoko decides to stay with Bartender and they are going to open a bar that serves sushi and drinks. When Momoko bids her farewell to Yoshi, she closely look at Cowboy who also looking back at her. Yoshi soon realize what’s going on (I also know what’s going on). Both of them then continue with their own journey.      


So, what’s the moral of the story? I really don’t know (XD). It’s quite absurd, though the theme of the story is quite common: the fight between the good and the evil, a hero comes from nowhere and rescue people from a tyranny ruler. I don’t quite understand what Yoshi gains from having back the medallion? Does he succeed in fulfilling his father wish? Then at least, Yoshi must have gained some important values through his fighting, right? But, I don’t see that happen (XD). It’s quite interesting that they use Samurai’s values over the movie; even they have a big hinomaru at the end of the movie!

But the look of the movie is quite amazing. They put together real scenes with animated scenes, and also scenes like in a game. When Cowboy infiltrate the police headquarters to rescue Yoshi, and when they were chase by the killers, both scenes were like scenes from video game together with sound effect. Cool!!

The fighting scenes are quite good, especially with Gackt (obviously! ^^). I must hold myself from screaming when Cowboy hits Gackt’s face.

“Not on his face!!!”


Well, my main reason to watch the movie is only for Gackt. So, I quite satisfied to see his face on the big screen. Even more, I feel proud of him! (^^). His act was quite cool~~ and his English were too! He’s handsome indeed! (X3) and he’s really suit acting as a samurai. Kakkoi Gackt-san!!!

“There’s always someone that’s stronger than you,”

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