Monday, October 15, 2012


Friday afternoon, after having a meeting, I decided to went round and round inside the mall. My destinations were stores. Maybe I would get J-Rock's imported CD or DVD.
But, it's a wishy washy...didn't found any J-Rock's CD or DVD. Even, the music stores were less visitors! I was the only one there!! (O_O).

A long time ago, music stores were still having lots of visitors. I even come to visit every once a week. It felt so nice to walk between the albums.

I realize things have changed when online shops started to grow.
People rarely go to music stores because now they can make an online order.

And with the technology development aka downloading...people can't get music without buying it...

But, even until now, my favorite destinations when I walk around are the music stores and book stores. At the music stores, I might accidentally find good things, such as nice headphones or rare Japanese album like these below (X3).

Luna Sea's cassette: Lunacy (red one) and Period (white one).


X Japan Best Fan Selections (2 cassette).

Though it's still in an old form, but until now, it still my valuable collections (X3)

Hoping to accidentally found many other rare Japanese album (X3)


Tohya said...

no way! these are casettes? OHMYGOD HOW AWESOME I WANT ;A;

KiRaidesu said...

Yes~~ All are cassette~~ Never put it on again though X3