Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I hate it when I'm obsessed with something or someone. In that condition, I would only do certain act or look at certain person.

For now...I'm obsessed with... SUGIZO.

How come?

It started when several days ago he tweeted his injured ankle. I quickly get touched and started to listen his music (again). I do love his violin's play. He's so sexy when he played the instrument! I can get blush just watching him plays violin (>w<). I love his violin's play, but other than that...his music is difficult to listen...Techno and experimental music aren't the kind of music that easily accepted by my ears. And that's how SUGIZO's music sounds....

I like what SUGIZO's doing with The Spank Your Juice. He was really hilarious in "Super Love" video! He's dancing!! I like his voice there, it's so funny! It's my most favorite work of him. If I need entertainment that can make me smile, I will watched the video (XD).

My favorites so far are Super Love, Dear Life, No More Machineguns Play The Guitar (rocking sounds!!), and his music on Soundtrack's movie.

The last one was his movie. Yes... SUGIZO has played in at least two movies. He played the main role in Soundtrack, and became a cameo in somekind of mystery movie (forget the title, but Chiaki Kuriyama was on it too). SUGIZO is also played in an opera, "Bluebeard's castle" and has made the soundtrack. Aren't he awesome?  

I realize that SUGIZO is a very loving person, especially after the born of his daughter, Luna Artemis Sugihara. He really really love his daughter. He even made a beautiful song about her. He's a sweet J-Rock father!! I wonder Luna's feeling to have such cool, loving, and good looking father. I once saw a picture of grow up Luna and SUGIZO together. It's so sweet! Luna has the same face line with her father, a long and hard line. I bet whoever want to get close to Luna, will quickly lost confidence when they know or  meet her father (XD).

SUGIZO has admitted that he was a stupid one during his young times. And that has change after Luna was born. He started to give deep attention about the future, especially for Luna's future. So SUGIZO started to become more concern with the environment and political issues. He uses music to spread out the concerns and brought the awareness. He's like Bono from Japan (^^). And because of him, several times I've signed petition from Greenpeace. It's an ordinary petition that anyone can easily sign. But SUGIZO was the one who made me aware. He also had his profile put in Greenpeace's website page.

I can see the changes on him. From a goofy guitarist into a cool and mature musician. Now he has a serious and scary look, but his voice and gesture is still gentle (I'm surprised!). And his music also change. It becomes serious and complicated (which I hardly understand but keep listen it).

To be honest, it's quite difficult for me to listen to SUGIZO. And tt's not because of the music, but because every time I watch him, see his performance especially with Luna Sea, I can't help it to get annoyed.


Because SUGIZO is the member of a band that dearly love by the person I've lost...Ryu-chan.

I always remember about Ryu-chan when I listen to SUGIZO and Luna Sea. I become to remember how I've lost her. It makes me sad and completely annoyed. That's why I've stopped listening to SUGIZO and Luna Sea.

But, lately I feel I can finally get over the feeling, though there's still little remains.

SUGIZO's violin has saved me. His play is so beautiful that I've choose it to enter my heart and replace the annoyed feeling.

Just like what I've said a long time ago to Ryu-chan:

"Sugizo is a kind of man that too hot to get pass" 


I really want to told SUGIZO about how his music has saved my heart. But, I don't want to bother him with my cheesy complaint...so I would only say thank you.

"Thank you so much for saving my heart, SUGIZO-san" 

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