Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Ghostly Story: Hana-chan.

Since it's Halloween I want to share one of my experience ghost story.
It has happened a long time ago, during my college.
Here's the story.


Me and some friends are going to near by internet cafe around the campus. The cafe is located quite hiding out. It's not the first time we're going there.

When we enter the cafe, the place is already full. We can't get places that close to each other. We get separated. I get the one in the back. I see across my place is an empty cubicle, no computer, no chair, no table, just an empty cubicle. I talk to myself,

"If it's in a horror movie, something might appear there" *giggles*

I start to browsing the net. Several minutes later, my eyes caught a glance of something standing by close to me. I turn to look and see no one there. I turn back to the monitor, and again "it" appears. I slightly take a look at "it". It's a little girl. Her appearance is so dark like a shadow, so I can't clearly see her face. To be short she quite resembles of Hanako, one of Japanese's ghost.

I don't feel comfortable with Hana-chan's standing and looking at me. I decide to end my session and quickly to one of my friend. My friend is surprise that I finish so quickly. I told her that I feel bored. I didn't tell the true reason, and I eventually forget Hana-chan.

Days later ...

1st brother along with his wife and little daughter were spending nights on his in law house. So his room which lies beside mine has been empty. I always like the room. It has a chill air and always feel cold. Maybe because it's located near the fish pond?

So one night I slept at 1st brother's room. I sleep so well until I feel someone shakes my bed. As if to wake me up. I thought it's 3rd bro who teasing me. I ignore the shake. It keeps happening, and I keep ignoring it. Then someone get a grip on my ankle and shake it. I toss it away but the grip didn't want to let go. I feel upset and wake up,

"What the hell do you want..."

I see it ... her ... Hana-chan ... holding my ankle. She's still all black just like the first time I saw her.
I froze for a moment. I slowly toss the grip, it let's go (!), get up and walk out from the room. 2nd bro who's watching TV felt surprised to see me woke up.

"What happen? Are you feeling hot?" 

I look at the time. It's midnight.
I enter my room where mother was sleeping and continue my sleep there with holding mother's hand.


Another day, I've come back from campus and enter my room. It's dark so I turn on the light. A dark shadow quickly fly away from my sight. I stunned. Is it Hana-chan again?

Since then Hana-chan doesn't show up. Another one show up instead, adult version. It's often happen, but that's another story to tell.

Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat?

I choose treat! (X3)

- KiRaidesu -

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