Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look "below" and not UP

Her: "I envy with people who don't have a father. I hate my father" 
Me: "Go and say that to my little niece that had lost her father when she's 6 years old" 


Her: "Maybe it's lucky to be like you. Living only with your mother. Mothers are always more enjoy to live with" 
Me: "You don't know what you are saying"


Seriously, someone need to knock that brat's head!

If she really hate her father...if she really want to kill her father...just do it!
Don't bug me every single morning with the same moaning!


"I hate him."
"I want to kill him."
"How can my mother be so stupid to marry him?"
"I don't have respect on him"
"I haven't speak with him for years" 


So? Why the hell I should care?
She can hate and kill her father. I won't care.
She doesn't speak to her father. What that got to do with me?
Is she looking for a sympathy?



Her: "It's lucky to be like you. You don't have any problem,"
Me: "You can say that because you're having a problem. Try to look at other people's condition when you aren't having it. You'll feel lucky." *holding the desire to kill her*


Yeah, I often get the same words.
People said it's nice to be me, don't have a problem, don't have debt, etc.

I seem don't have a problem because I'm not a cry baby who talk about it every time it happens.
I seem don't have any debt because I don't bragging what I've been using my money for.

Really, don't look at other people's life while you're having your own problem. You would feel unsatisfied with life, envy, and upset.
Other people's life aren't always as good as you think, or as smooth either as easy as you think.
You're seeing it that way because you can't handle your own problem. You're feeling sorry for yourself by comparing your misfortune with others luck. So people who listen would give sympathy and think you are indeed the misfortune person in the galaxy. I Pity you.

Then, have you think it this way?

That you are quite lucky than the poor who even don't know what they are going to eat, or can they eat?
Those people are struggling everyday to live, while you're complaining about how to kill your father? How many works you should do? How tired you are?

There's a wise words saying,

"Don't look at people above you, but look at those below you."

It means, don't look at rich people or those who are seem so easy living their live. You will always feel unsatisfied. But look at people below you, the poor. Who are struggling everyday, and can't enjoy even the slightest luxury you might having everyday. Then you will feel lucky.

Don't compare your life with other people. Your life is yours. Their life is theirs. Just live it!

I hope someone would knock that brat sense's soon. I can't stand keep being like now.


Her: "Yay! I succeed to make you upset."


So, you want to see me upset? Okay. YOU WILL HAVE IT BRAT!! 

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