Monday, October 01, 2012

J-Melo Fans Meeting in Jakarta

I have the honor to attend the J-Melo Fans Meeting on September 29th, 2012. I was invited by Dona-chan. She’s Ni-chan’s friend. I feel so grateful that Dona-chan is willing to asked me to go to the event. I quickly answered “of course!!” when Ni-chan asked whether I was still interested to go.

We took the train and continue with taking bajaj. I was quite worried that I might make us lost and won’t arrived at the event on time. It was my first time to go to the area. The same with Ni-chan and Dona-chan. But, thank’s God, we arrived safely and still have time to do Dzuhur prayer.

The front look of the cafe

After it, we get back to the café where the event was held. We saw some people started to do shooting. I took a picture of them. Then suddenly I was told not to take picture with flashlight because it would bother the shooting. Gomen~~~~

The yellow one was May J

While waiting for the event to get started, two reporters came and interviewed us. Ery-san (whom we met while waiting) was being interviewed with fluent Japanese language. Me, Ni-chan, and Dona-chan can only grinning to each other.

We were a bit annoyed because when we stood in front of a salon (while waiting), we’re being told not to stand there, don’t block the entrance. So, we stood near the bushes, counting leaves!

Everyone was waiting

Finally we were told to get inside the café. Dona-chan signed us and we look for a seat. Not long our drinks came. I was worried we might get alcohol, but when I taste it, it’s just an ordinary ice sweet tea or “es teh manis” (XD). 

Then we were asked to get to front of the stage with our glasses. May J would come from back of us and we would have a toast. I said to Ni-chan,

“If it’s Kamijo, I would be more than happy to do it,”

It's not wine...why...? (^^)

After doing the toast, we put the glasses back and May J opened the show. She talked few things, asking either we speak Japanese or not. She was surprised to know that most of us can understand and even speak English very well. I also realize that somehow we always speak in English on an event like that. Then the special guest come, it’s Ratna from AIU band. Ratna was the former vocalist from Garasi (Indonesian band). After she left Garasi, she went to Japan and started her own band there, AIU. Ratna did a solo performance singing her song with Garasi. Her performance was cool~~~ her voice was great~~ and she’s beautiful~~ so very different when she’s with Garasi.

After Ratna’s solo performance, we had the chance to take pictures with May J and Ratna. Both of them were very kind, sweet, friendly, beautiful and slim (!). May J tell her amused again when she hears us talking in English. I’ve said to Ratna that she’s beautiful (!). Gosh! I really sound like a pervert that time!! (XD)

With May J (yellow) and Ratna-san (AIU)

Then after the break, the event was continue with May J and Ratna calling the guest’s one by one (or a group) to the stage. The guest was asked about their favorite Japanese artist and the reason for the favorite.

Ery-san said in a fluent English that she love The Gospellers. May J then said that she once had a joint project with the band. And Ery-san looked very surprised and also excited (^^) then Lisa-san (I think) said that she’s a huge fan of May J and get a hug from her. Lisa-san told me that she’s been writing to J-Melo to have an event in Indonesia since 2009. Awesome! She’s so dedicated with the show! While I know nothing about J-Melo and also about May J (^^;)

I recognize few Japanese artist names being mention: The Gospellers, SMAP, VAMPS, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Arashi, News, Miyavi, Alice Nine, One Ok Rock, Exile, Gackt, Nico Touches The Wall, Plastic Tree, AKB48, JKT48. Since L’Arc~en~Ciel has been mentions several times, I think I don’t want to mention them (^^). I was wearing vistlip’s 5th anniversary fan project t-shirt, so I might said something about them.

But…no…I’ve said that I like SUGIZO instead (XDDDD)

When I said that I like SUGIZO…May J and the crowd were making a sound, “hooooohhh” (XD). I keep making Sugizo’s sign on every picture I’ve took. I even make the sign while being interviewed on the stage! (XD). But I was stupid…I forget to say that I want SUGIZO to come to Indonesia, either with Luna Sea or X Japan… *cries at the corner*

Actually I wanted to said,

“My mind is L’Arc~en~Ciel, my shirt is vistlip, but I like SUGIZO at the moment,”

I’ve failed…I’m sorry rainbow…I’m sorry five barkin’ animals…I prefer to mention that goofy guitarist instead (XD)

It was indeed “Sugizo’s day” for me. I keep making the sign everywhere. Even during May J’s live performance. I make the sign in the air as she sings (XD). If anyone notice one different sign with the others, that must be me (XD).

Sugizo's sign~~~

May J sing two songs and she was awesome! She’s shining and energetic! She’s so nice to choose songs that can upbeat the crowd and easily to follow (especially for people that weren’t familiar with her songs, such as me XP).

After the live performance, May J showed us a video message. People were guessing who the artist might be. I was guessing its The Gazette (by the way they were standing). And I was right. It’s The Gazette saying their thank you for the Indonesian fans request for them and that they’d like to have a show in Indonesia someday. That’s a promise from Ruki, so…Indonesian fans…go flood his twitter for the promise!! (XD)

The Gazette's video message

There are 2 videos, but the second video isn’t shown to us. Maybe it’s for another fan meeting. BUT! I was curious with that one! Because, I feel I knew them! Just like The Gazette, I recognize the way of their standing. And…there were only 3 of them…how many bands that have 3 members…? Not much…even…I do know the only band that always shown not the full complete members of the band…and…and…there were 2 blonde, one in the middle is short while the other one at his back is quite tall, with a familiar hair style. The other one was wearing a hat and a jacket. I was pretty sure that they were…ANGELO!!!!

The short blonde is Kirito, the tall one is Karyu and the one who wear a hat is…Kohta!! I was really sure it’s Angelo! But, the video isn’t shown and I couldn’t asked the staff about it (orz)

If it’s really Angelo, where are they going? Please fans, change place with me!!

After all the excitement, we finally get home. We walked from the café to the train station. Ni-chan and Dona-chan gets off the train ahead of me. While I have a secret plan before going home…I will watch Gackt’s movie, Bunraku!!

And I did it!! YEAH! I watched it alone! Though I’ve watched it through Ni-chan’s DVD, but watching Gackt’s face on a big screen was really… *Q* I was almost screaming calling, “Gacchan!!!!” when he showed up! He’s so damn cool!! I was feeling so proud watching him on the big screen!! (XD). I’ll make my review about the movie later on~~~

The ticket to watch Gacchan! 

It was a blasting day! So much fun! Meet new friends, meet new people, adventure to a new place, it was awesome!!

Ni-chan, Dona-chan, thank you so much for the chance! Let’s go out again someday! And that time we’ll have Anggi-chan too!!    

J-Melo's gifts


KiRaidesu said...

The second video has been revealed.
It's not Angelo. It's a video message from Golden Bomber for one Indonesian band that has covering their song at an event in Jakarta (x3)

Anonymous said...

kabarnya kak aiu ratna itu suka manfaatin anak-anak buat dijadiin follower, bwt naikin pamor terus dimanfaatin ya. Parakh!

KiRaidesu said...


Eh??? Sorry. I've just read your comment. (>_<)

First of all, thank you for reading my babbling :)

About what you've said, I never heard about it. Maybe since I'm not following her XD
But, I hope it isn't true. IMO, she doesn't need to do anything to get follower since she already have the natural attractiveness, her voice. :)