Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Maonyan!

I always remember one quote from Maonyan (SHIDO no vocal).

"If you think "this is tough", even once halfway, you'll lose. Clear your heart and keep thinking of happy things"

I always remember the words every time I feel distress with my works.

Will I able to do it?
Will I make it?
Will everything goes well?

With his words, Maonyan snaps me and said,

"Just do it and don't think too much!" 

Arigatou, Maonyan :)

Maonyan is someone that truly care and think deeply about others. He always give encouraging words.

"Let's do our best today"
"People on the way, students at school, let's do our best" 

Those were some of his words that I remember.
And somehow, just by that words, it gave me strength, courage, and confidence.
Everything will be okay as long as I've tried and work hard.  
That's what I learn from him.
Haven't been doing it *smacked* but the words keep encourage me.

Maonyan also teaches the value of hard work. The work he's been doing until he get to be known just like now. Awesome!

Maonyan also easily feel lonely. I don't understand why.
For someone who cares so much for other people, and also have receive back many many love, why he feel alone?

Then today is there to show how he's being love by many people. So he won't feel alone anymore.

Happy birthday Maonyan~~
May you always live happily and healthy.
Don't go on diet for any longer. You already looking fine at the moment. (^^)

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