Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Dearest One

Dearest one.
Greatest one.
Only one.
The best one.

Kimi Raikkonen.


May you'll have a long, happy, and prosperous live.
May you always be healthy.
May you always stay the way you are.

Thank you.

Thank you for always being the true you.
Thank you for being an inspirations.
Thank you for the thoughts and the acts that makes you unique.
Maybe you don't feel you've done something incredible, that you only do what you want to do.

"I'm just being me."

You may think it's not a big deal.
That's what make you great.

You are very honest. With your own feeling, with everything.
Sometimes you are also arrogant and do stupid act. Still I love you.
You never hate people, even after people hurt you.
You never talk about people's bad, though they always looking for your's bad.
You never blame people. even though they blame on you.
You are so kind.

You are so strong.
Always walk on the path you've choose.
Never give a mind about what people said about you.
You always keep your head held high, walking straight forward to what you want to achieve.

I always wonder and really want to ask it someday when I can meet you,

"Please tell me how you can be that strong?"

Happy birthday My world. My shining sun. My air to breathe. My light. My everything.
I always love you. Forever. And ever.
The pledge I've once made to you, will always be yours. Eternally.

"Will always be with you, through the good and the bad."

Wherever you go, whatever you choose to do, will always follow and support you fully.

"Someone I can love from my heart. Someone I love from my heart. In the center of my love, you, my heart, are there."

Special place, for a very special person.

May Allah always bless you.
I love you.

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