Tuesday, September 25, 2012


If anyone want to see me becoming a girl...just give Kimi to me *smacked*

So, out from no where, one of the local TV, Kompas TV, has decide to broadcast the Singapore GP. Not only that, they would also broadcast the race until the end of this year season.


My heart throbbed as I saw the commercial of the broadcast. I can't wait for Sunday to come. Sister, 3rd bro, nephew, and niece, everyone has witnessed how I turn crazy: giggling when Kimi's CLEAR commercial showing up on TV, pinching Sister when I saw the race commercial.

Days, hours, minutes, second, how I wish it will come pass quickly...

Finally the race day...I've waited in front of the TV. Hoping and praying that the rain outside won't cause blackout. I was impatient with the commentators of the show, "Just be quick and show me Kimi!!".

And the cars were already on the grid. I've look for Kimi. He's P12. I don't know where he is... (TwT).
The red lights were off. Race starts. Chaotic at the first turn, at the back of the grid...I keep looking for Kimi...where is he..? where is he...?


And I finally saw him...black and gold car...white helmet... *move closer to the screen*


I kept watched him, chasing down Schumacher, hoping and praying he could overtake Schumacher. Round and round...pit stops...safety car...up and down positions...I really enjoy everything! Though after the race Kimi said it was a boring race for he can't overtake...for me it's an exciting race! Of course because I can see him racing again...

Kimi was beeing shot very often by the camera, and I'm very grateful! I keep smiling looking at the screen. I couldn't hear any voice beside the one that come from the TV. Sister moaned how I was very focus at the TV. Then suddenly the electricity was off and this polar bear become outraged!


A good and fast response from nephew who quickly turn on the electricity.

I continue enjoy the show.

When the camera take a shot from above Kimi, I was almost in tears...it's been so long...I can be "driven" by him again...seeing what he see...feeling what he feel...fighting with him again....
I miss the way he moves the steering wheel, the way he pressing the buttons on it, the way his head moving, the way he drive...God...I really really miss it all....Kimi is the greatest driver in the world!

Kimi finished the race in 6th place. He gets helped from his team mate, that has give the way to him. For that I'll say, "thank you!".

Vettel won the race, but for me, the one that I see is...Kimi.

When Vettel came out from the car and cheering his victory...I was imagining Kimi.
When Vettel, Button, and Alonso were talking in the rest room...I was imagining Kimi.
When Vettel stands on the podium, smiling...I was imagining Kimi.
When Vettel spray the champagne...I was imagining Kimi.

I know...I believe...one day Kimi will be there...on the highest position...where he should be.
I hope it will be soon...I hope when Kimi stands there, I'm able to watch him.
I will be cheering him from a far...shouting to him...

"Welcome back to the highest place!"

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