Tuesday, September 18, 2012

vistlip's look for October single release

As everyone might have know that on October 31st, 2012, vistlip is going to release their 10th single.
The name of the single is quite difficult to spell (XD).
The single will have 4 versions (!).
Gosh...4 versions...guys...I don't know what to say... (XD).

Anyway, to follow up the release, vistlip has reveal their new look for the October release. Check it out~~

Group look

I can't put away my eyes from nii-san~~ umi with white...!!! >///////<

Member's look

Sweet looking tomonyan~~~

Pretty ruisu!

Cute Panda! (X3)

Be-au-ti-ful Yuh!! >w<

Scary looking nii-san!!!!!!!! >//////////< He's back with his scary style!! COOL!! I love his scary look style!! <333 aka="aka" also="also" and="and" but..what="but..what" doing="doing" feathers="feathers" hair.="hair." his="his" i="i" is="is" it="it" leader-sama="leader-sama" love="love" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" on="on" p="p" peacock="peacock" reminds="reminds" s="s" surely="surely" tetsuya="tetsuya" the="the" umi="umi" wearing="wearing" what="what" when="when" with="with">
The October release shall start their continuously release. After this, they will release a DVD on November and a mini album on December. They will have another look! I can't wait to see what they will come up next! They always surprise me! Best wishes for you all! Let's grab the light!!

p.s. Is the theme of the picture "put your hand at your lip"? (XDDDD) 

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