Thursday, September 27, 2012

Versailles: Truth

Yesterday, September 26th, 2012, Versailles has release their last album before going on hiatus.
Few days before, they also have release their music video for Truth.
Fans were making their comment about the video and the songs in the album.

My opinion?

"I feel sad."

When I watch the video, either listening to the songs, I can't help myself not to feel sad. (though I do like Kamijo's hair style there).

In the video, all members look less spirit. I feel they aren't playing like the usual them. No spirit in the video. And from the words...though I don't know the meaning...I can sense Kamijo is saying goodbye. I feel they aren't going on hiatus, they are heading to another end...the worse end.

With the songs...I can't help it just to stay stun. I don't know what I must feel.
Happy because they're releasing new album?
I seriously can't listen to their songs, the new ones, the old ones, even seeing Kamijo's tweet kinda make me sad.

Is this what Ryu-chan's feel when Luna Sea announced their disband on 2000?
Is this what Yo-chan's feel when vidoll decided to disband?

I know that even it's happen, they are still around.
I mustn't feel sad.
But, they aren't going to be around the place where they used to be.
That's what make me sad...

I want them to still be around.

Even Master is looking sad...

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