Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Medical Check (part 1)

Last week Saturday I finally had my medical check up.
I was quite excited and even I get up early just like when I was going for work.
I waited 3rd bro to get up. Sister called the doctor and make an appointment for me. They were caring for me too much (XP).

At the clinic, the doctor asked what symptoms did I had. I was confused since it's been so long that I don't feel the ache on my left side of chest. I was about to tell him that I came to check my heart. But then he might asked what for, so I decide to said the long symptoms to cut the long crap.

The doctor told his assistant to measure my weight and height. The result...overweight! What the...after I have reduce the portion of the food I've taken, I still overweight?? Gosh...it seemed to be true, that I can get fat only by drinking water...

Then the doctor asked me to lay down at the bed. His assistant checked my blood pressure. It seemed fine. Both of them don't say anything. The doctor told me to loosen up my inside wear. This is the time. Sister said that I would be half naked when the doctor examined my heart.

"Me: What?? What a pervert doctor!!!"

But I should know that Sister only teased me. I wasn't half naked at all...the doctor only puts some kind of buttons on my chest. He doesn't lift up my shirt. Feuh.... Before he puts the buttons, he smeared a lotion. It felt chill. His assistant also pinch my arms and legs with some kind of device...I don't know what they called it. I just watched him doing it.

Doctor: Take off your bracelet *pointed to my white steel bracelet*
Me: I can't take it off. It's locked.
Doctor: What do you mean locked? *shakes the bracelet*
Me: It's locked. I can't take it off.
Doctor: It's not good. You must take it off. Don't wear it every time. It would hold your blood circulations. If you want to wear silver thing, wear a necklace. It's much safer and it won't hold your blood circulation. You must take it off.
Me: *nods* *talking to myself* Like hell I will take it off. It's my "bond". There's no way I will take it off!

And it seemed the doctor still doesn't like seeing me wearing the bracelet. He kept remind me to take it off. Sorry, doc. It won't going to happen (XD).

Doctor: Do you have any plan to get marry soon?
Me: ... No... I haven't... *I would now if Kimi wants it*

The examination then begin. I was told to breathe normally. The doctor said if I was feeling scared or tense, I should keep repeating Allah's name. I wasn't feeling tense at all. I was quite calm. I was looking at the ceiling, breathing and saying Allah's name and...

Me: *breath*...*Kimi*....*breath*.... *Leader*... *breath*...

I quickly realize what I was doing and stopped it. I don't want what's on my mind influence my heart beating (XD).

The examination took short time. The doctor said that my heart is 90% fine. Nothing strange. 90% because I've been using it non stop from the time I was born, so no wonder if it's start to get exhaust. He told me to really take care of my heart.

Doctor: When you're awake, do little exercise on the bed, after it jog a little for 5 minutes then you may take a bath. Don't quickly go to the bathroom after you awake, you might fall because the blood hasn't run into your whole body.
Me: *nods* *I can do that*
Doctor: Since you're overweight, this is the list of food that you can and can't take *writing*
Me: *looking* *mm..I even rarely eating that...*
Doctor: And this is the fruits that you may take *writing*
Me: Banana? Can I take banana?
Doctor: Yes, banana is good.
Me: *feuh....I would be very sad if I can't have banana... XD*
Doctor: Do this several test to see if you have diabetes *writing*
Me: hoh.... *another test...damn...how much it would cost..?*
Doctor: Be back next week to see the test's result so I can determine your diet medicine.
Me: *nods*

Me and 3rd bro leave the clinic room. I had a big smile on my face. My heart is doing fine. What Sister and 3rd bro assumed I would have a heart disease was completely wrong! My heart is healthy. I'm just...overweight...

I went to the laboratory to ask the fee for the test. And it's quite expensive! I was glad I didn't quickly take it that day... I decided to have it on this week Friday morning. I will have the result on the next day and go back to the doctor to discuss it. Let's see what I will get then (^^).

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