Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I never been thinking about death before.
But, when it might happen to people close to me...

My 2nd brother has been hospitalized since last week because of a light heart attack.
Few days before that, my mom was suspected to have an indication of coronary heart disease.
My dad died because of an heart attack.
It's an inherited disease (XD).
I never think that I might die because of the same disease.
I'm not feeling afraid if I do.
The sad feeling came to think that I might lost my family members.
Will I cry?

With that, I'm being told (with force) to have my heart checked.
I said I don't want to. Not because I'm afraid with the disease.
I know I'm having it since sometimes I feel ache on the left side of my heart.
So, I just don't want to spend my money for something that I already know.
Just let me start with the diet!
And for that...I get a smacked on the head.

Well, actually I'm also a bit curious about the condition of my heart.
I want to know how badly the damage is (^^)
Am I feeling scared? No.
In fact I feel excited (XD).
I would have my heart check this weekend.
Sister and 3rd brother has been very nosy telling me to do it.
Sister even has forbid me to eat egg regularly.
I love egg! And it makes me upset that I'm not allow to have it as many as I want to.
That's what mostly make me sad than the fact I'm having a heart disease...

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