Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Close but far away...

I think I have made the same kind of post every year, when Kimi had a race in Singapore.

This weekend, Kimi will be having a race in Singapore. It's close from me, but stills far away.
I always get annoy every time the Singapore GP happen. I can feel Kimi so close, but I can't be where he is.
And what make me more depressed is...1st brother is going there...1st brother is going on a business trip...and he will spend a day watching F1 race...1st brother will watch Kimi racing...


1st bro: "I'll be leaving for Singapore on September 23rd and 24th"
Me: *shocked* "You're going to watch F1?"
1st bro: "Probably"
Me: O_O "THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
1st bro: *laughing*
Me: *stressed* "I don't care how you do it, bring Kimi with you!!!!"

I depressed.
1st bro will watch Kimi own brother...watching Kimi love... (TwT)
And now as days pass by, I'm getting depressed...
I hope 1st bro remember what I've told him to bring home.

Satomi-chan said that dreams do come true. And I should believe that someday I'll be seeing Kimi.
But I know for that, I must work hard. I must start a plan for it. I can't keep waiting him coming here. I have to pick him up by myself! (XD).

1st bro, please watch over Kimi. Please, watch him closely with your eyes and report what do you see when you get back. Kimi is my most precious one, so watch him closely.

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