Friday, September 21, 2012


There's an Indonesian old words.

"Sebaik apapun menyimpan mayat, bau busuknya pasti akan tercium"

Don't matter how I kept something as a secret, one day it will be found out sooner or later.

Last night TOBY was busted by 3rd bro.

3rd bro woke me up to asked something and he saw TOBY laying down beside me.
I try to ignore the thinking that he saw TOBY. But, TOBY was there, uncovered with anything. It's now way 3rd bro doesn't saw TOBY.


Who is TOBY?
or...what is TOBY?

TOBY is the name of my smartfren tab (XD).

1st bro gave it to me as a present. I don't know for what occasion he gave me the tab. He just said he want to pleased me. After all this time, bro? (that's another story to tell).

Anyway, 1st bro didn't mention it but from his body language, I know that he doesn't want anyone to know that he gave me the tab. I understand that and go along with the scenario. To be honest, I was feeling awful that he gave it to me, it's the little sister's privileges (^^). Family know that 1st bro would fulfill my wishes if he can. That's why family always ask me to talk to him whenever they have a special request.

"He always listen to you,"

I don't want to be cocky, but in several's true. 1st bro always fulfill what I wish for. Except for very expensive things like iPhone (because he wants it too) or very ridiculous request, such as Kimi.

That's why I objected his offer to bought me a tab. I don't need it. I prefer iPhone (rejected) or iPod (forget to ask this instead orz).
I've been using TOBY for twitter, Facebook, games, listening to music, watching MV, and quick blogging. Things that I can do with Nettie (my netbook).

Last week 3rd bro has been very suspicious of me having TOBY.

"I have many eyes you know," he said.

I didn't say anything. I only stand stood, trying to make up something else to talk.

"If he really give her a tab, I would scold him!" said Sister.

O...o...sorry 1st bro, you do know that sooner or later a secret will always be reveal, right?
But, since he's in Singapore now (probably), so family won't confront him...for now...wait until he came home... *hide under Kurai's shell*

Maybe now 3rd brother is talking about TOBY with Sister. And then the whole family will know. They will be saying "little sister's privilege" again. Damn, that's the line I don't want to hear...ever...

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