Thursday, September 27, 2012

Versailles: Truth

Yesterday, September 26th, 2012, Versailles has release their last album before going on hiatus.
Few days before, they also have release their music video for Truth.
Fans were making their comment about the video and the songs in the album.

My opinion?

"I feel sad."

When I watch the video, either listening to the songs, I can't help myself not to feel sad. (though I do like Kamijo's hair style there).

In the video, all members look less spirit. I feel they aren't playing like the usual them. No spirit in the video. And from the words...though I don't know the meaning...I can sense Kamijo is saying goodbye. I feel they aren't going on hiatus, they are heading to another end...the worse end.

With the songs...I can't help it just to stay stun. I don't know what I must feel.
Happy because they're releasing new album?
I seriously can't listen to their songs, the new ones, the old ones, even seeing Kamijo's tweet kinda make me sad.

Is this what Ryu-chan's feel when Luna Sea announced their disband on 2000?
Is this what Yo-chan's feel when vidoll decided to disband?

I know that even it's happen, they are still around.
I mustn't feel sad.
But, they aren't going to be around the place where they used to be.
That's what make me sad...

I want them to still be around.

Even Master is looking sad...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


If anyone want to see me becoming a girl...just give Kimi to me *smacked*

So, out from no where, one of the local TV, Kompas TV, has decide to broadcast the Singapore GP. Not only that, they would also broadcast the race until the end of this year season.


My heart throbbed as I saw the commercial of the broadcast. I can't wait for Sunday to come. Sister, 3rd bro, nephew, and niece, everyone has witnessed how I turn crazy: giggling when Kimi's CLEAR commercial showing up on TV, pinching Sister when I saw the race commercial.

Days, hours, minutes, second, how I wish it will come pass quickly...

Finally the race day...I've waited in front of the TV. Hoping and praying that the rain outside won't cause blackout. I was impatient with the commentators of the show, "Just be quick and show me Kimi!!".

And the cars were already on the grid. I've look for Kimi. He's P12. I don't know where he is... (TwT).
The red lights were off. Race starts. Chaotic at the first turn, at the back of the grid...I keep looking for Kimi...where is he..? where is he...?


And I finally saw and gold car...white helmet... *move closer to the screen*


I kept watched him, chasing down Schumacher, hoping and praying he could overtake Schumacher. Round and round...pit car...up and down positions...I really enjoy everything! Though after the race Kimi said it was a boring race for he can't overtake...for me it's an exciting race! Of course because I can see him racing again...

Kimi was beeing shot very often by the camera, and I'm very grateful! I keep smiling looking at the screen. I couldn't hear any voice beside the one that come from the TV. Sister moaned how I was very focus at the TV. Then suddenly the electricity was off and this polar bear become outraged!


A good and fast response from nephew who quickly turn on the electricity.

I continue enjoy the show.

When the camera take a shot from above Kimi, I was almost in's been so long...I can be "driven" by him again...seeing what he see...feeling what he feel...fighting with him again....
I miss the way he moves the steering wheel, the way he pressing the buttons on it, the way his head moving, the way he drive...God...I really really miss it all....Kimi is the greatest driver in the world!

Kimi finished the race in 6th place. He gets helped from his team mate, that has give the way to him. For that I'll say, "thank you!".

Vettel won the race, but for me, the one that I see is...Kimi.

When Vettel came out from the car and cheering his victory...I was imagining Kimi.
When Vettel, Button, and Alonso were talking in the rest room...I was imagining Kimi.
When Vettel stands on the podium, smiling...I was imagining Kimi.
When Vettel spray the champagne...I was imagining Kimi.

I know...I day Kimi will be there...on the highest position...where he should be.
I hope it will be soon...I hope when Kimi stands there, I'm able to watch him.
I will be cheering him from a far...shouting to him...

"Welcome back to the highest place!"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Picture of the day: umi in FOOL'S MATE October 2012.


If I can I want to scream...

umi-nii without glasses!!!



The picture is from FOOL'S MATE October 2012 edition (magazine).
Credits to Tiffany@lj.

Without glasses, umi-nii is still looking scary. Thank God! (XD).

Once I had a joke with Yo-chan, saying that Kirito and umi are uncle and nephew because they are quite the same: have a scary look (XD).
But, umi-nii doesn't look scary without make up, different with Kirito who's still looking scary though he doesn't put on make up.

Kirito: "Of course, I'm the uncle"



There's an Indonesian old words.

"Sebaik apapun menyimpan mayat, bau busuknya pasti akan tercium"

Don't matter how I kept something as a secret, one day it will be found out sooner or later.

Last night TOBY was busted by 3rd bro.

3rd bro woke me up to asked something and he saw TOBY laying down beside me.
I try to ignore the thinking that he saw TOBY. But, TOBY was there, uncovered with anything. It's now way 3rd bro doesn't saw TOBY.


Who is TOBY?
or...what is TOBY?

TOBY is the name of my smartfren tab (XD).

1st bro gave it to me as a present. I don't know for what occasion he gave me the tab. He just said he want to pleased me. After all this time, bro? (that's another story to tell).

Anyway, 1st bro didn't mention it but from his body language, I know that he doesn't want anyone to know that he gave me the tab. I understand that and go along with the scenario. To be honest, I was feeling awful that he gave it to me, it's the little sister's privileges (^^). Family know that 1st bro would fulfill my wishes if he can. That's why family always ask me to talk to him whenever they have a special request.

"He always listen to you,"

I don't want to be cocky, but in several's true. 1st bro always fulfill what I wish for. Except for very expensive things like iPhone (because he wants it too) or very ridiculous request, such as Kimi.

That's why I objected his offer to bought me a tab. I don't need it. I prefer iPhone (rejected) or iPod (forget to ask this instead orz).
I've been using TOBY for twitter, Facebook, games, listening to music, watching MV, and quick blogging. Things that I can do with Nettie (my netbook).

Last week 3rd bro has been very suspicious of me having TOBY.

"I have many eyes you know," he said.

I didn't say anything. I only stand stood, trying to make up something else to talk.

"If he really give her a tab, I would scold him!" said Sister.

O...o...sorry 1st bro, you do know that sooner or later a secret will always be reveal, right?
But, since he's in Singapore now (probably), so family won't confront him...for now...wait until he came home... *hide under Kurai's shell*

Maybe now 3rd brother is talking about TOBY with Sister. And then the whole family will know. They will be saying "little sister's privilege" again. Damn, that's the line I don't want to hear...ever...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picture of the day: Kimi's back.

I don't know why, but I always LOVE looking at Kimi's back. It feels so strong and I just want to hug it tightly.
And for today's (lately to be precise), I love looking at this one.

It feels strong, warm, and comfort. I always smile looking at it. (X3).

Japanese Music Revival

On May 2nd, 2012, Jakarta has been a part of L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th Anniversary World Tour 2012.

Then on the early of September 2012, AFA was held.

On October 7th, 2012, Jakarta will also have JRock Evolution 2012 presenting MUCC, Alice Nine, and UNITE.

And October 10th, 2012, the Samurai Guitar aka Miyavi will have a show at Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate it's 20th Anniversary.

While in music stores, CD and DVD of L'Arc~en~Ciel has been release. Follow by DIVISION from The GazettE. Next one is albums from SCANDAL.

From the music promoter, they've been asking which Japanese band that local people would like to see. Big names are being mention by the fans: X Japan, Luna Sea, Glay, and many other bands. Marygops Studio has give a hint that they are on pursuit to make one of Japanese Rock band to have a live concert in 2013. Which band? No one knows. My guess, either X Japan or Luna Sea. Since both band has announce a world tour for next year.

That's why I can say it's Japanese Music Revival in Indonesia! YEAH!!!

I hope this situation would keep going. Though it maybe hard for the fans because they are being "robbed" all at once (XD).

I hope the promoter are serious about the intention to bringing Japanese band to have a live concert in Indonesia, I hope the promoter aren't only caring for money, but also the satisfaction of the fans. Hope they can make a blasting show for everyone to enjoy, both the artist and also the fans.

As for the music product, I'm hoping to see a lot more of it in music stores. I only see one or two CDs of L'Arc~en~Ciel and so far none for The GazettE. They said they are lacking in stock. Are you kidding me? Please don't underestimate Japanese music lovers. I will buy the album as soon as I seen one. Yes, I will buy Japanese music album that I'm interested with, beside of L'Arc~en~Ciel. I've been buying Glay, MUCC, The GazettE, Asian Kung Fu Generation, YUI, Utada Hikaru, X Japan, and Luna Sea's product when I saw it at stores. So...keep it in stock!!!!    

The rainbow is really something, right? After they come, many many artists are coming. I'm so happy~~~ The rainbow really give happiness wherever they go, whenever they show up. I love you all forever!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Close but far away...

I think I have made the same kind of post every year, when Kimi had a race in Singapore.

This weekend, Kimi will be having a race in Singapore. It's close from me, but stills far away.
I always get annoy every time the Singapore GP happen. I can feel Kimi so close, but I can't be where he is.
And what make me more depressed is...1st brother is going there...1st brother is going on a business trip...and he will spend a day watching F1 race...1st brother will watch Kimi racing...


1st bro: "I'll be leaving for Singapore on September 23rd and 24th"
Me: *shocked* "You're going to watch F1?"
1st bro: "Probably"
Me: O_O "THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
1st bro: *laughing*
Me: *stressed* "I don't care how you do it, bring Kimi with you!!!!"

I depressed.
1st bro will watch Kimi own brother...watching Kimi love... (TwT)
And now as days pass by, I'm getting depressed...
I hope 1st bro remember what I've told him to bring home.

Satomi-chan said that dreams do come true. And I should believe that someday I'll be seeing Kimi.
But I know for that, I must work hard. I must start a plan for it. I can't keep waiting him coming here. I have to pick him up by myself! (XD).

1st bro, please watch over Kimi. Please, watch him closely with your eyes and report what do you see when you get back. Kimi is my most precious one, so watch him closely.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

vistlip's look for October single release

As everyone might have know that on October 31st, 2012, vistlip is going to release their 10th single.
The name of the single is quite difficult to spell (XD).
The single will have 4 versions (!).
Gosh...4 versions...guys...I don't know what to say... (XD).

Anyway, to follow up the release, vistlip has reveal their new look for the October release. Check it out~~

Leader-sama's levitation

Levitation photography is taking a picture as if as you levitate or floating in the air.
I've been hearing about it and seen many incredible levitation pictures.
There's also a levitation community here in Indonesia and one of the known member is my Junior High class mate (XD).

But then...when I was downloading Leader's old songs *ups* I found out that he had done levitation photography long before it gets the public attention! Well, maybe it's been famous outside but not inside this country. So, I was surprised to see Leader has done it! That's my awesome, healthy, and juicy leader! (X3)

Medical Check (part 1)

Last week Saturday I finally had my medical check up.
I was quite excited and even I get up early just like when I was going for work.
I waited 3rd bro to get up. Sister called the doctor and make an appointment for me. They were caring for me too much (XP).

At the clinic, the doctor asked what symptoms did I had. I was confused since it's been so long that I don't feel the ache on my left side of chest. I was about to tell him that I came to check my heart. But then he might asked what for, so I decide to said the long symptoms to cut the long crap.

The doctor told his assistant to measure my weight and height. The result...overweight! What the...after I have reduce the portion of the food I've taken, I still overweight?? seemed to be true, that I can get fat only by drinking water...

Then the doctor asked me to lay down at the bed. His assistant checked my blood pressure. It seemed fine. Both of them don't say anything. The doctor told me to loosen up my inside wear. This is the time. Sister said that I would be half naked when the doctor examined my heart.

"Me: What?? What a pervert doctor!!!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I never been thinking about death before.
But, when it might happen to people close to me...

My 2nd brother has been hospitalized since last week because of a light heart attack.
Few days before that, my mom was suspected to have an indication of coronary heart disease.
My dad died because of an heart attack.
It's an inherited disease (XD).
I never think that I might die because of the same disease.
I'm not feeling afraid if I do.
The sad feeling came to think that I might lost my family members.
Will I cry?

With that, I'm being told (with force) to have my heart checked.
I said I don't want to. Not because I'm afraid with the disease.
I know I'm having it since sometimes I feel ache on the left side of my heart.
So, I just don't want to spend my money for something that I already know.
Just let me start with the diet!
And for that...I get a smacked on the head.

Well, actually I'm also a bit curious about the condition of my heart.
I want to know how badly the damage is (^^)
Am I feeling scared? No.
In fact I feel excited (XD).
I would have my heart check this weekend.
Sister and 3rd brother has been very nosy telling me to do it.
Sister even has forbid me to eat egg regularly.
I love egg! And it makes me upset that I'm not allow to have it as many as I want to.
That's what mostly make me sad than the fact I'm having a heart disease...

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wherever you are...Kimi.

I've just listen to the song and it's hard to keep me from not crying.

Wherever You Are  from ONE OK ROCK. 

The song is very touching. Some parts of the lyric make me remember of... Kimi.
Well, the whole lyric isn't suitable with the reality. But, there are some parts that make me almost cry.

"Someone I can love from my heart. Someone I love from my heart. In the center of my love, you, my heart, are there"

Source: here


That parts are very true.
Kimi is the only one that I can love from my heart.
Kimi is the only one that I deeply love with my heart and soul.
Kimi is the center of my heart. He will always be there, forever.

Believe it or not, that's the truth.
That's why, listening to the song make me like to cry a river...

Kimi, I love you so much. So bad. So deep. Always. Forever.