Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Updates of my world of J-Rocks.

Angelo shall release a new album, RETINA, on November 14th, 2012. Hurray!! Just like what I've expecting! No more singles, please (XP).

The announcement from Angelo adding the upcoming release from my favorite J-Rock's artists. Starting from October, vistlip is going to release a new single. Then it will continue with DVD release on November and a mini album on December.

In December, Satsuki might be releasing his first full album. Maybe...perhaps...he's saying that he has done a PV shooting. I don't know if it's for the album or is it for his another project. Hopefully it's for the album. I really want to have it~~~

I haven't decide which I'm going to purchase. I won't buy all. I have to be more wise in spending money, just in case if L'Arc~en~Ciel would be coming back soon, or if vistlip or Angelo would have a surprise live here *wishy washy*.
I will be repeating, "Patience brings goodness," I believe I will found which one to get (^^).

And along with the upcoming releases, Jakarta is going to be one of the cities where JRock Evolution 2012 will going to be held. So far the artists that will be coming is MUCC and Alice Nine.


MUCC and Alice Nine??! That's two big name!! They are coming to Jakarta?!! HELL YEAH!!

But, I'm going to pass it (XP). Since I haven't following their songs. I know them, but very rarely listen to the songs. I feel happy for the local fans and hopefully the show will goes well.
It will be different if it's vistlip or Angelo who would come. If it is, I will quickly borrow my brothers money (XDD).

JRock Evolution 2012 will be held in October 7th, 2012. While in September 1st and 2nd, AFA will also be held. I almost freaked out when I read one of the performance on AFA, Angela. I thought it's "Angelo", but realize there's no Kirito at the picture (XP).

I'm happy that finally Indonesia is seen as a potential place to have Japanese band live show. I believe this is because the coming of the rainbow aka L'Arc~en~Ciel. Their coming has shown the way to other bands. Hopefully in the future many Japanese bands will also be coming to have a live here. I really hoping for vistlip and Angelo.

As I joke around with Anggi-chan, wonder if tet-chan receive any fee for becoming the opening gate to this country? (^^;). *hit by tons of banana*

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