Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This afternoon, while I was lazying around on my sister's bed, 3rd brother came by and said, "Tomorrow is summer, huh? Finally this bear wake up from her hibernation,"

Yeah, tomorrow is summer for this polar bear. That mean I have to go out from my cozy cave and start to look for food again (read: work).

But, actually this year hibernation isn't like last year. This year I was quite busy, I have lots of thing to do. I have to help around the house. My daily duty was washing the dishes, and because of it I suffer back ache. Am I exaggerating? Maybe, but the back ache really make me annoyed and for one day I couldn't stay away from bed.

I also brought work to home. On the day before Ied, I was working. The same happen on Ied day one and two. And I kept working since then. I haven't finish work 100 %, and still left few more works, but at least I've manage to finish the big one. As usual, I don't know whether I've done it right or not, but that's other problem to think about (^^).

I don't have much time to read manga, or to buy new one. I still able to read my collections though, so I guess it's enough to keep my battery charge.

One thing that I manage to finish is my project for Tomo's sister wedding gift. I've manage to finish it before the deadline. Feuh... I've asked 3rd bro to take a picture of me with the sign. But, the words were too small to read. So I quickly make a new one. I've to take a picture with the new sign by myself. But when I look at the result...the first one was better. I decide to send the first one. Hopefully Tomo, his sister, and her husband can read the words quite well (X3).

Yosh~~ Yosh~~ Tomorrow I will be back to work. I even can feel the stressed by now (XD). It will be though days. But, I will make it. I have to. I must. Ganbatte myself! Groarrrrr

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