Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Ied Mubarak!

It's day three of Ied. Happy Ied Mubarak my moslem's friends~~~

For me, this year ramadhan was quite fast. I still remember at the early month, I was confused thinking the quickest route to get home. But during it, I don't care anymore (XP). Working also can keep away my mind from thirst and hunger, though sometimes my stomach was making quite a sound at lunch time (XD).

Still feeling stressed and depressed with works. But somehow I've manage to get through it. Not thinking about the result, but I'm surely glad that I can pass it.

Through all the things that I have to face, I realize that Allah is really kind to me. Allah still bless me and gave me little happiness that can make me smile every single day. Eventhough sometimes I neglect Allah, but Allah never neglect me. From all the blessings and happiness that I get, knowing that Allah will always be there for me, is the true and ultimate blessing and happiness for me.

Thank you Allah for every blessings that I get. Thank you for every single happiness and smile. Thank you for showing me the kindness that surrounding me. Thank you for keeping kind and caring people around me. Thank you so much!!!

This year ramadhan is the most meaningful ramadhan for me.
Hopefully I can still carry the feeling I have now into my future days. Keep remember what I've get and won't repeat the same stupidity again.

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