Sunday, August 12, 2012

Break of fasting with SeSaD.

Just like what always happen when SeSaD had a gathering: full of laugh and mockery! (XD). 

SeSaD is the name of my group of friends. My gang (^^).
I'll tell the story how it was formed some other time, along with our nickname that I will be using on this post.  

For two weeks, me, Jinx, and Toa has planned to have the annual break of fasting. And just like what always happened, the people that can attend it was the three of us (XD). 

I can't blame the rest of the members since they were all busy with their house hold life (for Rumuz and Kecil), also busy with work (Jhutex and maybe Kumat). 

But, just the three of us is the same with 10 people (XD). 
And even though Jinx and Toa brought their husbands, but they were still acting crazy. Don't care where they were, don't care people were watching, don't care the husbands shook their heads in disbelieve with the wives action, that's SeSaD!! (XDD). 

While Asep (Jinx's husband) and Ikbal (Toa's husband) were seriously talking, me and the wives were busy eating...fried gurame! And we didn't stop there, cah kangkung and karedok were our target. Asep shook his head watching Jinx eating, while Ikbal was laughing happily watching Toa. Yeah, don't mess up with hungry SeSaD. We're barbarian when it comes to food (XDD). 

Jinx: "We're so crazy while eating, but wait until we're full. We will be like an idiotic person,"
Toa: "Yeah, that's right!"
Me: "Why do you admit it, stupid?" 
Jinx: "See? She's starting to full,"


After we finished (or satisfied) eating, we asked for the bill. As always, we pointed to each other for paying the food. 

Asep: "You should paid more because you ate a lot" *to Jinx*
Me and Toa: "Agree!!" 

Even Jinx's husband understand how big of her appetite (XDDD). 

When Toa was eating, 

Ikbal: "I don't get it. She always ate a lot, but she never get bigger. I don't know where the food gone" 
Asep: "She must be having a farm inside her stomach" (Indonesian: cacingan) 
Asep: "Same with her. She ate a lot too, but doesn't get bigger," *to Jinx* 
Toa: "She must have the same farm like mine, even bigger than me," 

Even the husbands knows the truth about each wives! 

After laughing and mocking each other, it's time to get back home.  

Asep: "Next time when we get together, don't let Toa choose the place. It's nowhere land," 
Toa: "Hey, it's Ikbal who wanted to eat here, right honey?" *Ikbal came*
Asep: "I wonder is there a way I can exchange a wife?" 
Ikbal: *laughing* 
Toa: "Why are you laughing?" 
Jinx: "He's laughing but also saying that if Asep knows the way, he should inform Ikbal," 

It's so much fun! I do have lots of fun! SeSaD is the best way to get crazy and wouldn't care with other's stare at us. I hope for the next gathering, the complete member can make it. We will be going crazy for sure, just what we had during school times. 

And I was feeling glad that both Asep and Ikbal aren't mind with the craziness of their wives. They accept it and even also get crazy with us. That's the way it is! A "sesad" for SeSaD! I'm happy the husbands are really suitable for Jinx and Toa. They don't change the two, and just let them the way they were. We're a happy and crazy big family of SeSad (X3).   

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