Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This afternoon, while I was lazying around on my sister's bed, 3rd brother came by and said, "Tomorrow is summer, huh? Finally this bear wake up from her hibernation,"

Yeah, tomorrow is summer for this polar bear. That mean I have to go out from my cozy cave and start to look for food again (read: work).

But, actually this year hibernation isn't like last year. This year I was quite busy, I have lots of thing to do. I have to help around the house. My daily duty was washing the dishes, and because of it I suffer back ache. Am I exaggerating? Maybe, but the back ache really make me annoyed and for one day I couldn't stay away from bed.

I also brought work to home. On the day before Ied, I was working. The same happen on Ied day one and two. And I kept working since then. I haven't finish work 100 %, and still left few more works, but at least I've manage to finish the big one. As usual, I don't know whether I've done it right or not, but that's other problem to think about (^^).

I don't have much time to read manga, or to buy new one. I still able to read my collections though, so I guess it's enough to keep my battery charge.

One thing that I manage to finish is my project for Tomo's sister wedding gift. I've manage to finish it before the deadline. Feuh... I've asked 3rd bro to take a picture of me with the sign. But, the words were too small to read. So I quickly make a new one. I've to take a picture with the new sign by myself. But when I look at the result...the first one was better. I decide to send the first one. Hopefully Tomo, his sister, and her husband can read the words quite well (X3).

Yosh~~ Yosh~~ Tomorrow I will be back to work. I even can feel the stressed by now (XD). It will be though days. But, I will make it. I have to. I must. Ganbatte myself! Groarrrrr

Sunday, August 26, 2012

#republiktwitter (movie)

It’s an Indonesian movie title and I was accidentally watched it when I woke up from napping.

The story is about Sukmo who’s much known on twitter world. Sukmo’s tweets are quite inspiring for some people and one of them is Hanum. Sukmo lives in Yogyakarta and he decides to visit Jakarta for the holiday. He lives with Andre, his college friend, and meet Andre’s girlfriend, Nadya, a senior high student (who loves tweeting).

Sukmo’s main reason to visit Jakarta is because he wants to meet Hanum. But when the day to meet comes, Sukmo loses his courage seeing Hanum’s classy office appearances, also to see she’s with a good looking guy whose looking classy as well. Hanum feels kind upset because Sukmo cancel the meeting and thought that what her friend’s saying was true, “what’s good on the internet is not always good for reality”.

In the mean time, Andre starts to feel upset with Nadya’s behavior that always look at her cell phone. Andre upsets because Nadya seems more concern about her followers on twitter than to have a good time with him. Andre takes away Nadya’s cell phone, but then she threatening to break up if Andre doesn’t give the cell phone back.

While losing self confidence, Sukmo takes an offer to do a “PR” work. His main job is to make positive tweets to make one person get known and become trending topic on twitter. Sukmo succeed and the boss rewards him and his friends.

At the same time, Hanum facing trouble at her work place. Hanum always wanted to become an investigation reporter, but she feels she can’t do much at her current job and add with one co-worker that always take advantage of her hard work.

When Hanum and Sukmo finally meet, she’s disappointed with Sukmo who’s dressing up not in the way she’s expecting. Hanum thought that Sukmo would be as easy going as his tweets, and not dressing as classy as someone she knows. In the confusion of her future, her works, and the demands from her father for a better job, Sukmo comes to the rescue saying that he and some friends are making tweet false to make one person become famous. Sukmo says that Hanum can write a cover story about it. Hanum feels save and they become close.

Troubles come when the identity of the person is reveal, he’s Nadya’s father. Also, Hanum’s boss demands that the names involved in the case to be reveal on the article. Sukmo gets scolded by his friends and their work gets shut down. Sukmo feels disappointed with Hanum who had promise won’t reveal any name. Sukmo decides to go back to Yogyakarta and finish his thesis.

Soon after, Andre follows Sukmo to Yogyakarta and he also brings Hanum and Nadya who say that the entire problem had been settling. Her father was being used and doesn’t know anything about the tweets. While Hanum investigate further about the true suspect of the case and so clearing all the names. Sukmo’s friends even get to work with Nadya’s father. Sukmo and Hanum finally get back together.


Notes from me

I get impressed with Sukmo’s easy going attitude and wise words. He seems can comfort people with his actions and words. I really like seeing his friendship with Andre (^^).

I completely agree with Sukmo’s word saying that today’s generation is “generasi menunduk”. It means that they are always looking down at the cell phone, though Sukmo is also active on twitter. Do you ever notice that people on the street, on the train, on the bus, on the restaurant etc, they are always busy looking at their cell phone. They don’t talk with people they are being with. I do the same, and I feel sorry about it. It’s not supposed to be like that. People’s real relationship is with another people, not with some kind of device. Must put that on mind and change it.

I also laugh when Sukmo had a conversation with his boss about girl. His boss said that girls are like monkey, they won’t change branch to hold if the other branch isn’t looking strong to grip. The branch referring to man, and so man must be strong in every way (finance for sure) to make the girl (aka monkey) switching to him. I laugh because I found it’s quite suitable. I’m not like that of course since I’m not a monkey, I’m a polar bear and polar bear doesn’t switch branches (XD).

Sukmo says to Andre that he must understand Nadya’s behavior of more concern about her followers than her own boyfriend. Nadya is still teenager, and so Andre must understand her. Okay, that makes some point…a little…until when Andre have to be patience with Nadya’s childish behavior? If I was Andre, and Nadya threat to break up because I demand more attention from her than staring at the cell phone, I would answer, “FINE!” and leave (XD).     

I don’t like romance. Because love makes people do stupid things. Sukmo is in love with Hanum that he reveals what he’s been doing so Hanum can make a story for her job. Sukmo can’t believe that Hanum “betray” him. Are you stupid, mo? Well, between being stupid and honest is like a thin line…so yeah…maybe he’s on that thin line (XD). Anyway, that’s the storyline and I can’t demand much, can I? I remember one song from The Changsuters (Indonesian band), “girls are the world’s poison”, again…how very true that is (XD).

One typical plot is when Sukmo’s vespa broken and so he and Hanum had to walk back to Hanum’s home. Sukmo jokes asking a kiss from Hanum that quickly leave. But then Hanum gets back and kisses him. Suddenly the broken vespa fix by itself. What a typical of romance plot.

Overall, it’s quite a good movie. I enjoy it. I just don’t like the romance parts (XP). And hopefully also I can manage this tweeting addicted (XP). 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Updates of my world of J-Rocks.

Angelo shall release a new album, RETINA, on November 14th, 2012. Hurray!! Just like what I've expecting! No more singles, please (XP).

The announcement from Angelo adding the upcoming release from my favorite J-Rock's artists. Starting from October, vistlip is going to release a new single. Then it will continue with DVD release on November and a mini album on December.

In December, Satsuki might be releasing his first full album. Maybe...perhaps...he's saying that he has done a PV shooting. I don't know if it's for the album or is it for his another project. Hopefully it's for the album. I really want to have it~~~

I haven't decide which I'm going to purchase. I won't buy all. I have to be more wise in spending money, just in case if L'Arc~en~Ciel would be coming back soon, or if vistlip or Angelo would have a surprise live here *wishy washy*.
I will be repeating, "Patience brings goodness," I believe I will found which one to get (^^).

And along with the upcoming releases, Jakarta is going to be one of the cities where JRock Evolution 2012 will going to be held. So far the artists that will be coming is MUCC and Alice Nine.


MUCC and Alice Nine??! That's two big name!! They are coming to Jakarta?!! HELL YEAH!!

But, I'm going to pass it (XP). Since I haven't following their songs. I know them, but very rarely listen to the songs. I feel happy for the local fans and hopefully the show will goes well.
It will be different if it's vistlip or Angelo who would come. If it is, I will quickly borrow my brothers money (XDD).

JRock Evolution 2012 will be held in October 7th, 2012. While in September 1st and 2nd, AFA will also be held. I almost freaked out when I read one of the performance on AFA, Angela. I thought it's "Angelo", but realize there's no Kirito at the picture (XP).

I'm happy that finally Indonesia is seen as a potential place to have Japanese band live show. I believe this is because the coming of the rainbow aka L'Arc~en~Ciel. Their coming has shown the way to other bands. Hopefully in the future many Japanese bands will also be coming to have a live here. I really hoping for vistlip and Angelo.

As I joke around with Anggi-chan, wonder if tet-chan receive any fee for becoming the opening gate to this country? (^^;). *hit by tons of banana*

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Where's my banana?"

I've made the drawing during a seminar (^^;). I was feeling bored, sleepy, and somehow I was missing Leader so bad.

My drawing is like a child, I know (XD).
I called this, "where's my banana?"

Happy Ied Mubarak!

It's day three of Ied. Happy Ied Mubarak my moslem's friends~~~

For me, this year ramadhan was quite fast. I still remember at the early month, I was confused thinking the quickest route to get home. But during it, I don't care anymore (XP). Working also can keep away my mind from thirst and hunger, though sometimes my stomach was making quite a sound at lunch time (XD).

Still feeling stressed and depressed with works. But somehow I've manage to get through it. Not thinking about the result, but I'm surely glad that I can pass it.

Through all the things that I have to face, I realize that Allah is really kind to me. Allah still bless me and gave me little happiness that can make me smile every single day. Eventhough sometimes I neglect Allah, but Allah never neglect me. From all the blessings and happiness that I get, knowing that Allah will always be there for me, is the true and ultimate blessing and happiness for me.

Thank you Allah for every blessings that I get. Thank you for every single happiness and smile. Thank you for showing me the kindness that surrounding me. Thank you for keeping kind and caring people around me. Thank you so much!!!

This year ramadhan is the most meaningful ramadhan for me.
Hopefully I can still carry the feeling I have now into my future days. Keep remember what I've get and won't repeat the same stupidity again.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Break of fasting with SeSaD.

Just like what always happen when SeSaD had a gathering: full of laugh and mockery! (XD). 

SeSaD is the name of my group of friends. My gang (^^).
I'll tell the story how it was formed some other time, along with our nickname that I will be using on this post.  

For two weeks, me, Jinx, and Toa has planned to have the annual break of fasting. And just like what always happened, the people that can attend it was the three of us (XD). 

I can't blame the rest of the members since they were all busy with their house hold life (for Rumuz and Kecil), also busy with work (Jhutex and maybe Kumat). 

But, just the three of us is the same with 10 people (XD). 
And even though Jinx and Toa brought their husbands, but they were still acting crazy. Don't care where they were, don't care people were watching, don't care the husbands shook their heads in disbelieve with the wives action, that's SeSaD!! (XDD). 

While Asep (Jinx's husband) and Ikbal (Toa's husband) were seriously talking, me and the wives were busy eating...fried gurame! And we didn't stop there, cah kangkung and karedok were our target. Asep shook his head watching Jinx eating, while Ikbal was laughing happily watching Toa. Yeah, don't mess up with hungry SeSaD. We're barbarian when it comes to food (XDD). 

Jinx: "We're so crazy while eating, but wait until we're full. We will be like an idiotic person,"
Toa: "Yeah, that's right!"
Me: "Why do you admit it, stupid?" 
Jinx: "See? She's starting to full,"


After we finished (or satisfied) eating, we asked for the bill. As always, we pointed to each other for paying the food. 

Asep: "You should paid more because you ate a lot" *to Jinx*
Me and Toa: "Agree!!" 

Even Jinx's husband understand how big of her appetite (XDDD). 

When Toa was eating, 

Ikbal: "I don't get it. She always ate a lot, but she never get bigger. I don't know where the food gone" 
Asep: "She must be having a farm inside her stomach" (Indonesian: cacingan) 
Asep: "Same with her. She ate a lot too, but doesn't get bigger," *to Jinx* 
Toa: "She must have the same farm like mine, even bigger than me," 

Even the husbands knows the truth about each wives! 

After laughing and mocking each other, it's time to get back home.  

Asep: "Next time when we get together, don't let Toa choose the place. It's nowhere land," 
Toa: "Hey, it's Ikbal who wanted to eat here, right honey?" *Ikbal came*
Asep: "I wonder is there a way I can exchange a wife?" 
Ikbal: *laughing* 
Toa: "Why are you laughing?" 
Jinx: "He's laughing but also saying that if Asep knows the way, he should inform Ikbal," 

It's so much fun! I do have lots of fun! SeSaD is the best way to get crazy and wouldn't care with other's stare at us. I hope for the next gathering, the complete member can make it. We will be going crazy for sure, just what we had during school times. 

And I was feeling glad that both Asep and Ikbal aren't mind with the craziness of their wives. They accept it and even also get crazy with us. That's the way it is! A "sesad" for SeSaD! I'm happy the husbands are really suitable for Jinx and Toa. They don't change the two, and just let them the way they were. We're a happy and crazy big family of SeSad (X3).   

Wednesday, August 08, 2012