Friday, July 20, 2012

Withering roses

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day.
It's the birthday of The Master.
Kamijo from Versailles.

I greet him happy birthday and said that all the roses love him.
His answer announcement that the band will be on hiatus by the end of this year.
And it's not all...they will release a final album on September 26th, 2012 and there's also words "final journey".

What's the meaning of that???

If they are going to take a break then don't use the word of "final". That word can give another meaning.....

It was a chaos situation yesterday. The announcement was post-disappeared-post again at Kamijo's blog. The official website hasn't posted anything. Then both site was hijacked. There are some contents being posted there with nothing got to do with Versailles.

But, I've heard that one of the street team has contact the management and confirmed that the news of "activity pause" was true. Pause, and not ... *don't want to write the word*

A bit relief, yes. But, in the same time I also curious. What happen? Why in the sudden? Why it happened when everything is complete? Why it happened when they seemed to be ready to "dominate the world"? Why? The questions still on my mind and I don't know if I would get the answer.

Some people may think I was exaggerating with the news. They only hiatus (or maybe the other word). They aren't dead. They will still be around. They will still make music that I can enjoy.

Yes, all of that is true.

But, they won't make music and won't be around as the band that I like.
They won't be together in the place where I found them. I can't see them all together. I really hope it's for a while...I really hope so....

And why exaggerating because of a band? Well, because of them...their music...I can meet kind and great people: Linda-chan, Yo-chan, Naito-kun. Though we hardly can meet but the connection between us is quite deep. I love them. If I don't find Versailles, there's no way I would get to know them....

Master, Hime, Prince, Warrior, and Guardian...thank you for the hard works you've been doing and you do deserve a break, taking a rest, and enjoy the result of the works. But, sure to come back, okay? Please make all the roses bloom beautifully again.

I will be waiting for your return. Always.
Let the roses bloom again and forever.

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