Monday, July 16, 2012

Two brothers?

Once I said, "Why people bought action figure? You can only look at it and it will get dusty,"
And now look what I've bought....


Yes, I've bought a Date Masamune's nendoroid....
Because I can't stand it...he's too cute!!!

I haven't done much with him..since it's not that big like a teddy bear (XP) and there are many tiny parts that I'm afraid I would break it or lost I just spend times changing his faces and try to put his six swords at his waist. It's quite difficult, but I feel so happy when I manage to stick it! (^O^).

Date (X3)

With his swords. Can anyone see it? (X3).

Wearing his helmet (X3)

Two brothers?

Hey...who's there in white? (X3)

If I have much free time...I would definitely going to explore more! Hope I won't ruin him instead....
Are you ready?!! Let's party!! (^O^)

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