Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sengoku Basara Live Action Drama

Sengoku Basara is going to have a live action drama!!! *screaming out loud*
The title is Sengoku Basara Moonlight PartyI wanna watch it~~~~~~
The drama will start from July 12th.
Hopefully Naito-kun could have a copy of it
or hopefully the drama DVD would get release in Indonesia! ^O^

I don't recognize the actors that will fill the cast of characters.
The only one that I know is...Gackt! And he will be acting as Oda Nobunaga! He will surely become an evil yet adorable Devil King! (I think the word adorable isn't suitable XP)

I almost scream seeing Date Masamune cast. He's a bit skinny from the anime character, but the pose of him aiming the sword is...perfect! It's indeed Date's pose!! <3333333333

The cast for Yukimura is looking a bit older than in the anime, but his six pack stomach is Yukimura's for sure!! XDDDD 

The rest of the cast are really resembles to the anime character, even Kasuga with her smexy outfit X3

Shingen's head armor a little bit off hides the face XD

How come Ranmaru looks so cutie~~~ His smile is adorable~~~

And...Kenshin is cast by a girl???? Seriously?? I think it's a picture of a girl! Well, the anime version of Kenshin is indeed gentle and sweet like a girl, so I guess no man can act as gentle as a girl for the character. Why not taken actor from Kabuki? Can you imagine the romantic scene between Kenshin and Kasuga? *yuri alert*

Ah~~~ I really want to see it~~ 
Wanna see Date! Wanna see Akechi, wanna see Kenshin, and wanna see Gackt err I mean Nobunaga! X3

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