Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary, animals!!

July 7th was vistlip 5th anniversary, omedetou!!
They are still a young band, and their road is still long. I believe they can still achieve many things. I believe they will and slowly but sure, they will get the recognition they deserve.

Sadly...I can't participated on the International fans project. I've order the T-Shirt, but I don't have enough time to make fans art for their birthday... (TwT). Hopefully they would update the pictures of the fans art through their blog. I will be so freaking happy if they do that!

I'm excited to see what will they do next. They have been very busy since last year. They have lives around the country, doing instore events, doing radio broadcast, showing up in various magazines, etc. Though been so busy, they still manage to release 2 singles: Recipe and B.

July 7th was also Tanabata's celebration in Japan. Last year, I made a wishes for Satsuki. This year, the wishes is for the Five Barkin' Animals: May they will always be happy, crazy, cheerful, and smiling, may they can face all obstacles on their way to their bright future.

They have give me smile and laughter, not only with their music, but also by being themselves. I will always support them. I will always love them. Keep moving forward my dear animals. Keep barking your sound for someday that bark will sound all over the world!

And on their special day, they held a live at Tokyo Dome Hall!
Whoa~~ I feel so proud with them! I'm happy to see them succeed walking to the future.
And it isn't done yet. They still have many things to do, to catch up. They still have a shine future awaits them.  I really believe they can make it. They will make it. They will be big! Hopefully as big as my rainbow. They have started the way now...They have announced a simultaneous release: a maxi single in October, a DVD in November, and a mini album in December.

WHAT THE...?!!!

Are they trying to kill me??
I can pass the single...but a DVD and a mini album? Why a mini album? Why not a full album? And on the same month, Satsuki is plan to release his first full length album...

Oh use of getting freak out now...patience earns goodness. I will make up my mind as the time goes by (X3).

Happy birthday vistlip! And...Welcome to the vistlip showtime!! (\^O^/)

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