Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary

This is the day...the only day...that I can have you inside my dreams.
I miss seeing you there.
In the past, it's not that hard. It became natural for me to dream about you.
Time passes. Year changes. I can't see you anymore.

But, the feeling still lies there. Deep inside of me.
My love for you will always be there no matter what happen, no matter I can't see you again.
I still and will always love you, inside my dream.

Happy 6th Anniversary, my love.
I always love you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Withering roses

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day.
It's the birthday of The Master.
Kamijo from Versailles.

I greet him happy birthday and said that all the roses love him.
His answer was...an announcement that the band will be on hiatus by the end of this year.
And it's not all...they will release a final album on September 26th, 2012 and there's also words "final journey".

What's the meaning of that???

If they are going to take a break then don't use the word of "final". That word can give another meaning.....

It was a chaos situation yesterday. The announcement was post-disappeared-post again at Kamijo's blog. The official website hasn't posted anything. Then both site was hijacked. There are some contents being posted there with nothing got to do with Versailles.

But, I've heard that one of the street team has contact the management and confirmed that the news of "activity pause" was true. Pause, and not ... *don't want to write the word*

A bit relief, yes. But, in the same time I also curious. What happen? Why in the sudden? Why it happened when everything is complete? Why it happened when they seemed to be ready to "dominate the world"? Why? The questions still on my mind and I don't know if I would get the answer.

Some people may think I was exaggerating with the news. They only hiatus (or maybe the other word). They aren't dead. They will still be around. They will still make music that I can enjoy.

Yes, all of that is true.

But, they won't make music and won't be around as the band that I like.
They won't be together in the place where I found them. I can't see them all together. I really hope it's for a while...I really hope so....

And why exaggerating because of a band? Well, because of them...their music...I can meet kind and great people: Linda-chan, Yo-chan, Naito-kun. Though we hardly can meet but the connection between us is quite deep. I love them. If I don't find Versailles, there's no way I would get to know them....

Master, Hime, Prince, Warrior, and Guardian...thank you for the hard works you've been doing and you do deserve a break, taking a rest, and enjoy the result of the works. But, please...be sure to come back, okay? Please make all the roses bloom beautifully again.

I will be waiting for your return. Always.
Let the roses bloom again and forever.

Happy Birthday umi!

Happy birthday umi!

I'm wishing the very best for you.
May you'll have a long, happy, and prosperous life.
May you always smiling.
May you always stay healthy.
May all of your dreams become true.
May you always success in everything you do.

Happy birthday~~~

Monday, July 16, 2012

Two brothers?

Once I said, "Why people bought action figure? You can only look at it and it will get dusty,"
And now look what I've bought....


Friday, July 13, 2012

The man with violin (2)

The first one is here.

I seriously can't stand looking at a man who plays violin.
And this man...
Well, actually he's the first man with violin that I can't stand not to watch. And I mostly can't stand watching him played the violin. Take a look at his live performance playing it.
He's looking damn...sexy! (>w<)

Sugizo with a violin... *drooling*

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special project from Tomo Asaha

Tomo Asaha (echostream, moon stream) has create a special project for his sister's wedding.
His sister, Wakana shall be getting married to Takeru on October 2012 in Japan.
Tomo like to give her a very special wedding gift.
He comes up with the idea of people around the world, taking a photo of themselves and holding a sign board saying congratulation for the happy couple.
The photos then will be compile and add with a song from Tomo.
The deadline for submitting the photo (or video) is October 1st, 2012.
Further information can be read here.

I really like the idea! And I will be more than happy to participate the project.
I've failed with two vistlip's project. I shall not fail on this one! *fist rise high to the sky*

Tomo wrote this on his post:

"I'd like to see your smiles"

That line make me smile and touch! He's indeed a sweet and kind person!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary, animals!!

July 7th was vistlip 5th anniversary, omedetou!!
They are still a young band, and their road is still long. I believe they can still achieve many things. I believe they will and slowly but sure, they will get the recognition they deserve.

Sadly...I can't participated on the International fans project. I've order the T-Shirt, but I don't have enough time to make fans art for their birthday... (TwT). Hopefully they would update the pictures of the fans art through their blog. I will be so freaking happy if they do that!

I'm excited to see what will they do next. They have been very busy since last year. They have lives around the country, doing instore events, doing radio broadcast, showing up in various magazines, etc. Though been so busy, they still manage to release 2 singles: Recipe and B.

July 7th was also Tanabata's celebration in Japan. Last year, I made a wishes for Satsuki. This year, the wishes is for the Five Barkin' Animals: May they will always be happy, crazy, cheerful, and smiling, may they can face all obstacles on their way to their bright future.

They have give me smile and laughter, not only with their music, but also by being themselves. I will always support them. I will always love them. Keep moving forward my dear animals. Keep barking your sound for someday that bark will sound all over the world!

And on their special day, they held a live at Tokyo Dome Hall!
Whoa~~ I feel so proud with them! I'm happy to see them succeed walking to the future.
And it isn't done yet. They still have many things to do, to catch up. They still have a shine future awaits them.  I really believe they can make it. They will make it. They will be big! Hopefully as big as my rainbow. They have started the way now...They have announced a simultaneous release: a maxi single in October, a DVD in November, and a mini album in December.

WHAT THE...?!!!

Are they trying to kill me??
I can pass the single...but a DVD and a mini album? Why a mini album? Why not a full album? And on the same month, Satsuki is plan to release his first full length album...

Oh well...no use of getting freak out now...patience earns goodness. I will make up my mind as the time goes by (X3).

Happy birthday vistlip! And...Welcome to the vistlip showtime!! (\^O^/)

Friday, July 06, 2012

New fan fiction is up! ^^

New fan fictions are up!

You are the link to my future
You are the link to my future (2)

These fan fictions is as requested by Linda-chan and Yo-chan.

Starring: Giru (Angelo), Shun (ex-Vidoll), Karyu, Kirito, Kohta, and Takeo (all from Angelo).

It's the first time I've wrote fan fictions that isn't my bias (^^).
Hope I make it quite interesting.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

New fan fiction: In My Heart

New fan fiction is up!

In my heart

Starring: tetsuya, hyde, ken, yukihiro (all from L'Arc~en~Ciel), Gackt.

The story is the continuation from: Piano Duet

Hope people could enjoy it (^^)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Personal anime review: #Sengoku Basara

At first, the only thing that interests me with the anime is because Angelo’s song has been used for the season 2 ending theme. The characters in the anime also have a very cool design with their uniquely combat suit. But, the story about war is too heavy for my brain to consume.

I don’t remember what made me finally watch the anime. I watched it all at once from season 1, 2, and the movie. I can say that…I freaking love it! (^^). Sengoku Basara is the second anime that can make me thrill watching it. The first one is D-Gray-Man.  

Sengoku Basara main plot is about the civil war in ancient Japan times, the war between landlords. Each powerful landlord wanted to rule over Japan as one united country. Some powerful landlors that show up in the anime are: Shingen Takeda (ruler of Kai), Date Masamune (young ruler of Oshu), Uesugi Kenshin, Motonari Mouri, Chosokabe Motochika, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the most powerful landlord at the period, Nobunaga Oda.

During the battle, Date Masamune met Sanada Yukimura, a young warrior from Kai. Both soon found interest to each other fighting spirit and ability. Yukimura honors Date and so does Date. They see themselves as rival and intent to fight each other whenever they met in battlefield. They would even fight until dawn, if Sarutobi Sasuke (Yukimura’s ninja) and Katakura Kojirou (Date’s right hand) didn’t stop the fighting.  

At first, the landlords are fighting each other, but then they decide to joint force to beat the desire from the cruel King of Devils, Nobunaga Oda. Masamune and Yukimura hold the main role in defeating Nobunaga. After Nobunaga defeated, the battle between the landlords continue, including the fight between Masamune and Yukimura.

The same plot repeats for season 2. The opponent this time is Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi wants to rule over Japan and start to attacking the landlords one by one. Hideyoshi join forces with Mouri to defeat Motochika, though Yukimura came to help, but the pirate landlord is defeated by Hideyoshi. Yukimura who had been sent on duty by Shingen had lost his confidence with the purpose of the battle. He sees common people who suffer because of the war, and question his purpose of fighting. His search for the answer cost him the life of his aide at the battle between Hideyoshi and Motochika.

At the same time, Masamune face the attack from Hideyoshi’s power. Kojirou was abducted by Hideyoshi’s trusted advisor, so Masamune had to go to battle without him. Masamune is almost killed by Hideyoshi, but his men quickly protect him. After healing the wounds, Masamune decides to attack and get even with Hideyoshi. On his way, Kenshin blocked his way with the purpose that the young landlord won’t act hasty. Shingen asked Masamune to join force to face Hideyoshi, but Masamune refused. He then accidentally meets Motochika and work together to face Matsunaga Hisahide to rescue Kojiro.

After Kojiro returns, Masamune continue his way to battle Hideyoshi, while Yukimura, who has find his confidence back, rushing out to face Mori. Both succeed with their missions. And the fight between them continues again.

Sengoku Basara the movie (title: The Last Party) is focus on the effort of Tokugawa Ieyasu to unite Japan without fighting each other. Shingen who has defeated Kenshin agrees to go along with Ieyasu and hand his command to Yukimura. In the mean time, Masamune is being target by Mitsunari Ishida who had a grudge after his master, Hideyoshi, got beaten by the one eye dragon. The story gets twisted with a shaman who wanted to raise Nobunaga. But, then the shaman is killed when he tried to protect Ishida. Masamune with Yukimura, Ieyasu, and Ishida are working together to beat the ghost of Nobunaga. Nobunaga get defeated and the four continue to fight each other, Ishida vs Ieyasu and Masamune vs Yukimura.  
There’s more action in the first season, that’s why I love it more than second season or the movie. The second season tells more about Yukimura’s battle with his own heart about the battle, while Masamune also have to shown himself a worthy lord without the presence of Kojirou. To be honest, I was expecting touching scene when Kojirou finally return to Masamune (X3). The movie story line is a bit confusing for me…it isn’t that attractive as the regular series. 

And I quickly fall in love with Date Masamune!! (X3). He’s so freaking cool! Even though when he’s badly hurt or almost lose the battle, he refused to show his weakness. He’ll keep his cocky smile, confidence, and keep lowering his opponents. Among the other troops, Date’s troop is the most unique one. Masamune would ride in the front with hand crossing. Kojirou rides close to him. The look of his troops is more like a motor gang. Their horses wear things that resemble to big motorcycle, like handlebar and exhaust (XD). Masamune also use some English words when he’s talking. His famous line before going into a battle is, “Are you ready, guys?” and his troops would answer, “Yeah!” just like a gang prepare to fight (XD). When watching the scene, sometimes I scream along with them (XDD).

It’s a very recommend anime to watch! So cool!!

“You see?” (by Date Masamune). 

Sengoku Basara Live Action Drama

Sengoku Basara is going to have a live action drama!!! *screaming out loud*
The title is Sengoku Basara Moonlight PartyI wanna watch it~~~~~~
The drama will start from July 12th.
Hopefully Naito-kun could have a copy of it
or hopefully the drama DVD would get release in Indonesia! ^O^

I don't recognize the actors that will fill the cast of characters.
The only one that I know is...Gackt! And he will be acting as Oda Nobunaga! He will surely become an evil yet adorable Devil King! (I think the word adorable isn't suitable XP)

I almost scream seeing Date Masamune cast. He's a bit skinny from the anime character, but the pose of him aiming the sword is...perfect! It's indeed Date's pose!! <3333333333

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


So...I've getting older now.
How old? Won't tell (XP)

I'm forever 23 years old.
Because I've stop my age at 23.

Thank you for my friends who has send birthday wishes. I love you all!
I'm praying the best in everything for you.

Big thank you to my sweet imouto for her beautiful birthday gift!
It made me blush!!

I don't need to mention who's the person in the drawing, right? (X3)

Thank you so much, Yo-chan! 
This nee-chan of yours is very very happy!