Friday, June 22, 2012


This anime has a long title, so I choose to mention it with the shorter name (X3). I accidentally come across this anime while looking for… *cough* … yaoi’s anime (okay I’ve said it). Actually, I always like stories about relationship between boys. I mean not always in sexual interest like lovers. But, such as brothers, friends, father and son, cousins, any relations that show affections between boys. I always wonder why boys can’t freely show their feeling like girls do. I’m sure there are times when boys care about each other. And that’s what makes me interested with the story about relationships between them (X3). 


Uraboku is a manga series that has been brought up as anime series. It has 24 episodes. But like any other anime, the story didn’t end at the anime. Until now, the manga still continues.  

Uraboku tells about Sakurai Yuki, a young scholar with strange ability. He can know someone’s past by touching them. Yuki lives in an orphanage and since he’s going to graduate, he has to leave the place. One of his friends at the orphanage, Kanata, has been helping him to look for places to live. Growing up together, Yuki always think Kanata as his big brother.

The truth then reveal, Yuki one of the Zweilt clan member. His power gives him the name “God of Light”. The Zweilts have fight continuously from their previous life and carried the memory with them, except for Yuki who seem doesn’t have any memories of his past life. Yuki can only sense that he feels he recognize the mansion where he’ll be living with the other Zweilts. Yuki was surprised to know he was a girl on his previous life. And he still doesn’t know that also in his previous life, he and Luka were lovers *big grin here*. But, even though Yuki doesn’t remember anything, Luka keeps telling Yuki that he will always stay at Yuki’s side and won’t ever betray him.

Tohko once wonder why Yuki had been born as a male this time. Tachibana said that maybe it’s a sign that the fighting will be over. But Luka has another opinion, it’s because Yuki wanted to forget his previous life. And the wishes came true by him being born again as a male. Shusei also has his own opinion. By being a male, now the Zweilts have the same chance to get close to him. Apparently when Yuki being a girl, he was treated like a princess that the Zweilts hardly can get talk with. Being a male, Yuki can easily interact with anyone. *I seriously don’t know where that opinion came from*

Because of his power, Yuki has always been the target of killing. The Zweilts are always ready to fight for him. And when they were hurt in battle, Yuki will always heal them with his power. But by doing so, it would exhaust him and if he’s over doing it, he would collapse. The fact saddens the Zweilts and made them promised not to fight carelessly so Yuki don’t have to use his healing power.

During one battle, Shusei was kidnapped. Yuki, Luka, and Hotsuma (Shusei’s partner) come to the rescue. After saving Shusei, the group meets an expected person, the leader of the demons that has been hunting Yuki down, Reiga. Yuki surprised when Reiga truly identity reveal. Reiga is Kanata. Yuki’s heart breaks into pieces when Reiga (Kanata) said that he will going to kill Yuki. The shocked and with the tiredness over the battle made Yuki collapsed and sleep for two days. But, even though Reiga said he’s going to kill Yuki and that he has abandon himself as Kanata that Yuki had known, Reiga has done action in order to save Yuki’s life who’s extremely exhausted after over using of his power. The action made the Zweilts wonder if Reiga still have the conscious as Kanata. But even that become a fact, Yuki has decide to keep fighting even though he has to fight against Kanata aka Reiga.