Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hajimemashite Inzargi-san!

So, weeks ago I've watched this video of "Forever Love (X Japan) cover. I was touched, with the video and with the voice that do the covering. He has done a great job! He may not have the high pitch voice as Toshi, but personally I think he has an awesome voice. His cover version was beautiful and touching.

His name is Inzargi, the vocalist of Megamasso.

The first time I heard about Megamasso was at the time when umi (vistlip) had a show with Gou, Megamasso's bassist. But, I don't really have the information about the band itself. So, I looked up for some info about the band and found out that Inzargi was born at the same time date with Kimi!!! (okay, maybe it isn't a very important information for some people ^^;)

I looked for Megamasso's video on youtube and fall in love with "Sumire September Love". I love watching Inzargi dancing in the video, even sometimes I follow him (XDD). No wonder he can dance well since he was formerly a R&B singer (though I'm not sure the relation XP).

Inzargi has an unique voice, vibrate. But, different with the one that Mao (SID) or Gackt has. Inzargi has a deep and heavy vibrate voice. And to be honest...I think his face or style isn't fit enough with visual kei scene...(please don't kill me). I feel awkward seeing him dressing in visual kei style, different with Gou and Ryouhei (guitarist). Maybe because of his R&B history?

On "Forever Love" music video, Inzargi looked mature. But, in their old video, I found out that he sometimes looking childish. I got the feeling that he's the youngest one in the band. Sometime he's looking childish, innocent, sincere, pure, happy, cheerful, fun, fill with spirit, and always smiling. Here are some pictures of him that I like.

Innocent look... >w<

Beautiful look! It surprises me to see him looking this beautiful.

Pure and innocent. Cute!

My most favorite picture of him...just love it! >w<

I haven't get used with his voice yet, but the music sounds okay and will be looking forward for the next releases either from the band or from the man himself.

Sate...hajimemashite Inzargi-san!!

p.s. I took the pictures from many sources. I don't own the pictures...obviously ^^


Tiffany~ said...

I reaaaalky love this guy! First video which made me fall in love with him is Sumire, and then he looks sooii good in yuki wa mada furisosoide iru ka?

He's just so good and goodlooking.

And I love seeing him dance too :3

KiRaidesu said...


Thanks for the read <3
Yes! I love seeing him dancing! And in the latest pv, "Swan Song", he's also showing a bit of his dancing skill <33

Tiffany~ said...

Your welcome! Hmm, maybe I was desperate to find someone who likes Megamasso (and Inzargi) too, so when I found your blog, I just felt so glad!

I know, saw it in the Swan Song PV preview and simply so excited! But no one uploaded the full PV up until now *sigh* I really want to see it.. and I think Zagi should dance more. It's fascinating.

And btw, we're both in Indonesia. lol, salam kenal ya.. ^^

KiRaidesu said...

Salam kenal juga~~~ XD

Me too!! It's quite hard to find megamasso's fans around me. And mostly people like Ryouhei or Gou than Inzargi XP

Zagi? That's a cute calling X3

Yeah...why no one hasn't upload the video and the songs...? TwT

Tiffany~ said...

And mostly people like Ryouhei or Gou than Inzargi << OMG this is sooo true. Haha.. while I also love ryo & gou, but Zagi is the most appealing in Megamasso, for me. Dunno why. Maybe because he dances, or simply because he's so good looking and totally cool when singing. Gahh *frustrated* xD

Yeahh, no one uploaded the PV up until this minute. T^T Quite desperate right now. But I found the song on tumblr. Hahaha.. Langsung sedotth..

Anyway, wanna exchange twitter / fb? :3 My twitter is tiffanykentjana , fb: raichanhime @ . Will love having megamasso's fan as a friend :D