Tuesday, April 24, 2012


#whereismypodium is the hash tag that the Lotus Team used on twitter for last weekend race in Bahrain.
Thank God the hash tag gets good answer.

Kimi finished in 2nd place.
He won his first podium of the season.
He won after starting the race from P11th.
He gets to the podium on the 4th round of the race.

Do I still need to explain how awesome he is?

I've followed Kimi's progress on the race by twitter.
There are times when I wanted to close the tab.
I was afraid that I might become a jinx for him.
He's doing so well and I don't want to ruin his effort (:D).
Thank God, it didn't happen.
Kimi safe and sound finished in 2nd place.
Hurray!! Congratulation!! ^O^

I'm so proud of him.
I always know he will make it sooner or later.
I always believe he can.
He always doing good when he's under pressure or underestimated by people.
He will show the prove on the track, and not on words.

Before the race, I wrote to Satomi-chan that I might be crying if Kimi won a podium. I will be crying because it's his first podium of the season. I will also be crying because I can't watched him doing it. I can't watched him on the podium, at the highest place where he truly belong. But, last night it didn't happen. I widely smiling and only get my eyes teary. It's happiness tears.

Thank you for the happiness, Kimi.
Thank you for your hard work.
Thank you for never giving up.
Thank you for always being you.
Thank you for being you that I truly and deeply love.

Congratulation!! ^O^

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