Friday, April 20, 2012


This weekend, Kimi will be racing in Bahrain. It's already the 4th round.
For the first second round, he has shown a great result. Too bad he didn't get the same result for the third round.

On the 1st round in Melbourne, Kimi started the race from 17th. There's a miss understanding between him and the team about the qualifying time limit. Kimi thought that he still has enough time, so he doesn't pushed the car too much. On the race, Kimi shown his magnificent again. Started the race from 17th, he finished it in 7th place. On his first come back to F1, Kimi has amazed everyone again, just like what he has done at his very early beginning of the race.Very proud of him!!

On the 2nd round in Malaysia, Kimi had to changed his gearbox that cost him five places penalty. Kimi manage to get 5th, but because of the penalty he had to go down to 10th. Kimi never disappoint me. I know he will always do his best, and he has! He finished in 5th! Awesome!!

On the 3rd round in China, Kimi made another surprised. He started the race from 4th! He's getting better every single race. I've been thinking a possibility of a podium. He can do it! I know he can! But, sadly it didn't happen. Kimi finished in 14th. I don't know what has happen since I didn't watched the race. The information I get was it's a failure in strategy. I can't say anything about it....

And now...Kimi will be going for the 4th round in Bahrain. And what worry me the most is the current political situation in Bahrain. Hope everything will be fine there, no riots. And also hope Kimi will be doing fine.

I guess not able to watched the race has give me positive result. I'm always become a jinx for him. Look what happen when I didn't watched the race? Kimi can be successful!! XD
Plus, not watching the race make me less stressed. I get the race result from twitter or the group on Facebook. It made me less stressed and more mature in seeing things about him. I manage to love him in a mature way :)

I'm more than confidence that Kimi will make it. He will make it to be back up there, to the highest place. The place where he truly belong. I believe he will make it. It's just the matter of time. I won't ever doubt him or feel disappointed with him. I know Kimi always and always do his best. He never disappoint me, not even once. He often make me surprised with his actions, but mostly he always make me amazed :) I love him truly. I love him deeply.

And I've been asking the way to become stronger like him. I think I've found one of the answer today. He's strong because he never has grudge to other people. No matter he was hurt by them or feeling upset, he never keep it long. He never care what people said about him. He only care what he's going to do and achieve. People would get silence by it's own.

Another good result I've get from him. Such a great person indeed :)

p.s. I get the pictures from here. It's my number one resource for Kimi's news and pictures :)

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