Thursday, April 19, 2012

Natural (manga)

Natural is a 11 volumes of manga writen by Maki Narita. In Indonesia the manga has been published by Elex Media Komputindo. It's an old title, published in Japan between 1997 - 2001. It got published in Indonesia on 2007 and I've just collect it now (2012).

Anyway, Natural tells about Sannoumaru (or Miguel or Mike) who came from Peru to Japan when he was 8th years old. He was adopted by a Japanese professor (I think?) to live with his family in Japan. Then Sannoumaru met his adopt sister, Ayako (or Riko).

Half of the volumes tell about Sannoumaru's life as a student in Japanese formal high school. There he met the scary and narcissistic Doumoto who asked him to join the basketball team. Thanks to Ayako's effect, Sannoumaru really can play basketball very well, but something hold him to join the team. Doumoto finally knows it and promise to "hold" Sannoumaru's anger when he gets snapped in a match.

Beside basketball, Sannoumaru also join Kyoudo (Japanese archery). He has a rival there, Saimon (Simon) who not only good at Kyoudo but also love to teased Sannoumaru. Sannoumaru seemed to have a peaceful life, having good and supportive friends around, love by his family, and doing new things. But, things get changed after Saimon got a vision of Sannoumaru's death. Along with the vision, show up strange person looking for Sannoumaru. Sannoumaru knows the person, Fabian, who he has shot a long time ago in Peru.

The story interest me the most, the relationship between boys (^^). I also like Maki Narita's drawing style for this manga. Now I'm collecting another of Maki-sensei's work, "More Flower than A Flower". It tells about Noh and I truly get dizzy after reading it XD

There's a conversations between Sannoumaru, JR, Doumoto, and Oosawa.
Sannoumaru asked why JR can easily said the word "like" when he only know half side about Sannoumaru. And if JR knows the whole truth, will he still have the same feeling? Both JR and Doumoto answered, "Yes,". Sannoumaru can't understand it though in the end he believe Doumoto will still like and accepted Sannoumaru the way he is. Just like JR said, "Thats' the way it is".

For me, the conversations brought an old and sad memory that I will always remember and keep deep inside of me.

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