Saturday, April 14, 2012

Creating Destiny (manhwa)

Creating destiny is a 2 volumes manhwa by Choi Soo-Jeong and Hyun Go-Woon. In Indonesia the manhwa is being publish by Elex Media Komputindo.

The manhwa tells about Sang Eun who has a relationship with a foreign guy and wants to marry him. Her father disapprove the intention and send Sang Eun back to Korea instead. Sang Eun was told to meet this granny who lived beside their house. Actually her father and the granny has set up to engage Sang Eun with Yeo Jun (granny's grand son). Not really knowing about it, Sang Eun returns to Korea and face the forced engagement with Yeo Jun who indicate himself as a gay.

The gags happen when Sang Eun and Yeo Jun work together to end the engagement. Sang Eun had to coupe with Yeojun selfishness, cold, and often rude act. Typical love story isn't it? (^^). .

Along with the times they've spent together, both are getting close. Soon they realize that they have fall for each other. Sang Eun broke her relationship with her foreign fiancee. While Yeo Jun coldly reject his ex-girlfriend who had cheated on him. The once forced relationship then become the relationship they've  wanted.

The main reason for me to bought this was because I've been writing story with the same theme, "forced engagement". So this is like a reference for me (^^). But my story is absolutely different from this manhwa. Especially, I'm lacking in comedy (:D).

What's make me strange is how easy for Sang Eun to break up her foreign boyfriend. While at the beginning she's so proudly and insisted telling everyone that she really loves him. The situation then is the same with Yeo Jun who suffered by his girl cheating. The difference is Sang Eun did honestly said that she doesn't love her fiancee. I said it again...typical love story (^^v).

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