Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When the time has come.

March 17th, 2012. Kimi will be racing again. F1. Melbourne, Australia. The first round of 2012 season.
And I can't watch the race..... TwT


Because no national TV would broadcast it.


Because the cost (to be said) is expensive.


The time has come. The time when I'm supposed to be feeling so alive, and yet I might be feeling irritated throughout the year.
I've imagine how my weekend will be so exciting. But now it looks dark......
Why no one want to broadcast the show? There will be 5 world champion on the grid! Though I only know one (^^).

It's Kimi's return after leaving it for 2 years. And he has impressed people with his time at official practice sessions. Everyone is anxious to see Kimi back on the track. I'm so anxious to see him on the track. I want to feel being "drove" by him again. Why no one broadcast it???

Is it a sign for me?
To go there and watch the race live in action and not through the TV screen?
Next year maybe. This year..? No.... TwT

I'll be in this kind of mood for every weekend when Kimi has a race.... TwT

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