Friday, March 02, 2012

vistlip: Recipe covers.

vistlip has shown their new look for Recipe release.
The 8th single will be release on April 11th, 2012.
And as usual the single has three kind of version.

CD only version. - Price: 1.260 yen.

M1) Recipe
M2) Einstein
M3) トロイ

vister version [CD + DVD] - Price: 1.890 yen.

M1) Recipe
M2) Einstein
Plus a bonus DVD: Recipe music video and the making.

lipper version [CD + booklet] - Price: 1.890 yen.

M1) Recipe
M2) Einstein
M3) the surface (Re:birth)
M4) Recipe (inst.)
M5) Einstein (inst.)
A booklet is included.

Each version will also include one from 10 member trading card.

The design for each version is awesome. Does umi-nii the one who design it? I think so (X3). It's artistic and beautiful! And, how does he know that blue is one of my favorite color? *smacked*

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