Friday, March 02, 2012

vistlip: new look for Recipe.

Yesterday umi-nii's tweets made me surprised.

"Great frustration"

"Anyway a little bit more"

"HP update...."

umi-nii, why you can't be as simple as Yuh who said to check the OHP for the new look? XDDD

Okay, so this is vistlip new look for the 8th single release, Recipe.

Aren't they looking GREAT?! *bouncing*
And here are their personal look.






I like tomo's black hair. It suits him well (X3).

Tohya is looking mature! I like it! But, I hope he still like to goofy around (X3).

Yuh is...lovely! I like his extended hair. I think it's extended (X3).

rui is looking awesome and cool~~~~ He reminds me of hyde (X3).

And...umi-nii.... I'm speechless!! (>w<). He's looking SO AWESOME!!!!! He still look scary...but this one is BETTER! I can't explain it well with words. He just make my heart beats faster >//////<. And I think I'm the only one who think him scary. Everyone else seem to think he's handsome. Yes, he is! But I don't understand why I see him looking scary instead (X3).

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Linda Tandayu said...

yuh itu wajahnya cantik sekali ya.. *O*