Saturday, March 17, 2012

Satsuki's news

I don't know why I'm being so late reading the news...

Satsuki said that he is preparing his first full length album.


Does he read my tweet for him? Does he read my post on his wall? Does he hear my wishing?? *smacked* I'm happy with the news!!

I've been thinking lately when will Satsuki release an album. He already has release many singles and an album will be perfect. His singles after the releasing of mini album are:

  • Sympathy. Songs list: Sympathy & Awake (Sympathy ver.).
  • Innocent. Songs list: Innocent & Strawberry Summer.
  • Romance. Songs list: Romance. 
  • Fate & Inside. Songs list: Fate & Inside. 
Fate & Inside was only released through iTunes. 

I love all the songs. It always on my top list to listen when I want to "heal" my mind. Satsuki's voice is surely give healing effect. I can't wait to hear the singles and other songs in one album. I can't wait to have his healing voice sounded all around my house. I've been saying to myself: Satsuki's album is my very most awaited releasing album!!  

On the article, Satsuki said that the album maybe release "not earlier than Christmas"... it's almost the end of the year then?? Can't it be quicker than that?? I can't wait!! I will be saving from now! For my most awaited album! ^O^

Thank you Sacchan, for making my wish become true <3

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