Thursday, March 01, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I get a shocking news from Julian-kun.

His nephew, Sabil, has passed away because of scarlet fever.
Sabil's age was 5 years 5 month.
I read Julian-kun's tweet about Sabils's condition. And I never imagine that it will end like this...
My very deep condolences for the whole family, also for Julian-kun.

I never met Sabil for once. I only know him from Julian-kun's tweets.
From the tweet, I know how sweet Sabil was. I also know that Julian-kun really love Sabil, that Sabil is one of Julian-kun's precious one.
I really can feel the lost....

Rest in peace dear Sabil.
I believe Allah SWT will give the best place for you in Heaven.
You who have made people smile. Keep smiling up there.
Make the Heaven more cheerful with your laughter.
Sweet dreams little angel.


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