Saturday, March 17, 2012

Acid Black Cherry - Kimi ga iru kara (lyric)

Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu has set up various presents for thanking the support from his fans. The latest presents was a free download of "Kimi ga iru kara" on his official website. The song will be available for free download until...June 2012? I forget (^^;).

Kimi ga iru kara is a live song. It means it's a song that only played during live. It's a beautiful song and fill with feelings. Here's the lyric with great thanks to Kiku-san.

Lyrics & Music: 林保徳
降り出した雨はまだ 泣き止まないまま
僕には傘がなくて 冷たさが痛すぎたけど

声を失くした僕はただ 死んだ様に眠り
覚めない夢の中で 迷子になり泣いてたけど

悲しくて苦しくて振り返れば 儚すぎる夢の跡
今ここでもう一度”ありがとう”と 君に伝えたい

君がいるから 僕がいるんだよ


Kimi ga Iru Kara
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Hayashi

Furidashita ame ga mada nakitomanai mama
Boku ni wa kasa ga nakute tsumetasa ga itasugita kedo
Atamete kureta...sore ga kimi nan da yo

Koe wo nakushita boku wa tada shinda you ni nemuri
Samenai yume no naka de maigo ni nari naiteta kedo 
Mitsukete kureta...sore ga kimi nan da yo

Kanashikute kurushikute furikaereba hakana sugiru yume no ato
Ima koko de mou ichido “Arigatou” to kimi ni tsutaetai

Kimi ga warau nara...boku wa utau yo
Kimi ga nozomu nara...boku wa soba ni iyou 
Kimi ga utagau nara...nando demo iu yo
Koe ga kareru made...
Kikoeru? Todoiteru?
Kimi ga iru kara boku ga irun da yo

Sore ga kimi nan da yo...

Because You're Here
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Hayashi

The falling rain that day had yet to stop its crying
And though the cold hurt too much, and I had no umbrella
The one so kind to warm me...that one was you

My voice lost, I slept as if I was no more than the dead
Though I became a lost child and cried in that dream I couldn't wake from
The one so kind to find me...that one was you

Sad, heartbroken, if I look back over the traces that all-too-fickle dream left behind
Right here, right now, I want to offer my “thank you” once again

If you will smile...I will sing
If it is your wish...make my place next to you
If you doubt me...I'll say it over and over
Until my voice withers away...
Can you hear me? Is this reaching you?
Because you're here...I'm here too

The one I'm here for is you... 

I don't if it's a coincidence or not.... L'Arc~en~Ciel has "Anata ga iru kara", and Yasu has the above one. I think it's only a coincidence (^^). 

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