Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I can't blogging lately. 

Don't have the time. Also, don't have the energy to find words to write. I'm too tired TwT 
Even so, I miss to write. I always write everywhere and anywhere I can. 
Usually I'll write on my daily agenda about what's been happening. Mostly I'll "write" on twitter, though I know it isn't the same kind of writing. But I truly enjoy writing there X3 

Things have happened and I would love to wrote it here.....

But, first thing first...

umi-nii's picture! 

Somehow I found the picture is beautiful. He's looking scary like always, but the color and the sparkles make the whole look beautiful >w< 

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Do you believe in destiny?

One day, I was looking out for any potential illustrator to get work with. And I've found this awesome illustrator on the internet. Her illustrations are cute, sweet, gentle, I like it!
I only bookmarked her tumblr and haven't decide to contact her. I will save it for later discussion with co-workers.


I've working this book about tales. The writer submit some illustrations that she likes to use for the book. Me and co-workers made a choice and decide to use one of it. The writers contact the illustrators and connect her to me. The illustrators then submit her works. I like it from the first sight. And we're working on the illustrations now.

Then I've been wondering....I feel I've seen the style before....the colors she uses....I know I've seen it somewhere. I finally remember the one that I bookmarked the tumblr. I checked it and it is the same person! Destiny is funny ^^