Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Truth or Dare?

So I made this post as an homework from Linda-chan. Have been wondering all night, along with my works, what secrets should I reveal?
To be honest, I have many secrets. And if I reveal it here it will be shocking (XD) well, maybe shocking (XP).

So after deep thinking, I decide to reveal some secrets below. Then again it's not that special (XP).

Lazy Polar Bear.
I'm a very very lazy person. My family know and really understand this (XP). I can spend the whole day just laying at bed, reading comic, listening to music, or just imagining things. I only get up to eat (don't ask about bath). When I'm lazy, I can become very lazy. (X3)

Watch out for dog!
I don't like to get touch. Either when people accidentally touch me. It feels strange and tickle. I also don't like doing kiss on the cheek...it's grossed....but sometimes I don't have any choice to do it....If I can, I would avoid it for sure!

(Not) a shopping girl.
My collection of comics are way too much than my clothing, even my comics have fills most space of my wardrobe (XD). I don't like to shop. I'll shop when I need one. But when it gets to comic, especially when I'm being stressed, I will bought comics like crazy.

No Pain No Fun.
I don't know the right term, but I always call myself a "mild masochist". It's not that I like to hurt myself. But every time I get a wound or slice, I would oftentimes press it and enjoy the pain (X3). When my index finger get stuck at a car's door, it get swelling. People were asking does it feel hurt. I said yes with a smiling face (XD).

Kimi = Me.
It's not a secret that I really love Kimi Raikkonen. But what people don't know is how deep my love for him. I love him so much! I love him with my heart and soul. He is the only man I'm going to love in this world. Ever since I pledge myself to him, I haven't look at any other man around. I love him not because of his look. I love him for his principles, way of mind, attitude, power, and mostly his honesty. He's living with his own way, that what adores me the most. And that's what make me loving him for years and forever. I have this wish, that someday...someday when everything has been settle down, he's living a quiet life, I will be there to take care of him :)

Well, that's all. Just like I've said, I still have many secrets. Maybe someday I will reveal it here :D