Wednesday, January 04, 2012

[stupidly] Proud

Yesterday was Tohya's birthday (vistlip no drummer).
I've made posts about his birthday on every account that I have.

At the afternoon, I've checked some birthday posts at Facebook group. I clicked "like" to every single post. Until I realize something odd with one post. I look back and read the words...

ARE?? CHOTTO! THAT WORDS ARE MINE!! O_O (<--- my tweet)

The words on the post were mine. I've post it on my tumblr. At first I didn't realize it was my words, and I stupidly clicked "like" orz

Here's the post at the group:

[and I "like" it XD]

And here's my post on tumblr: 

The tumblr actual post is here

The person used different picture and didn't include the last "kiss" emoticon --> ^3^ , but the whole words were my words. 

I was surprised to see someone copy paste my words. Surprised, annoyed, but I also feel proud. Someone posted my words for Tohya! ^O^ *slapped* 

Why someone would copy paste my words? It's an usual words. Well, it did came from my deepest heart. It was what I truly feel and wanted to say to Tohya. It's not that poetic. Anyone can make it. So, why copy paste my words? It's odd and I feel bit annoyed since people might think the words came from the person. Am I over reacting about it? Maybe, but I have the right to objected, right? Though it's only simple and usual words, but it's what I truly think and feel for Tohya. That's my words for him! 

Actually I really want to give comment to the person, 

"Ano, sumimasen...but I believe the words are MINE. *link to tumblr*" 

Maybe I should do that? 
But, somehow I feel what's the use? 
I don't like to brings up the fight. 

Then again a question come: it happened with my simple post, what if it's happen to my other posts, such as stories? Gita and Iwied have experience the thing and I understand how very angry and upset they were. What if it happen to me? Someone post my fan fiction stories and said it was theirs? Am I over reacting again? 

Oh well, I just hope that won't ever happen  :D 
I'm just an ordinary person (too ordinary that is) for someone to copy paste my works, right? *start to feel not sure* 

Good luck My way! 

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