Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pigg's life

Weeks ago, the urge came to me. And I finally decide: I'll made ameba account!
Though I don't understand the Japanese words, but with the help from the link that shared by Blue-chan, I manage to made it. Ree-chan also help me to design it. I'm so grateful with their help!

Then Ree-chan asked me to play pigg. It's like an online chat at pigg. We made a character to go online and interact with other people there. I've made one when I first made the account. But, I haven't really used it. Ree-chan has teach me, and along with Gin-chan, we explore the pigg's world and also infiltrate the five barkin' animals lair XDDD

Yes, that's the urge I had. I've made ameba so I can send message directly to them, especially to nii-san X3 I don't know nii-san read the message or not, since every words were in English. But, just to think that my name was being on his inbox can make me smiling *crazy*

Anyway...I've played pigg with Ree-chan and Gin-chan. But I can't play it now since the connection isn't too good lately. So I have to stop T^T

And here's the memory when we played on nii-san's room. His room is officially our base camp XD

Gin-chan and me at nii-san's room. Gin-chan's look has improved now X3 

Me and Gin-chan were waiting for nii-san

Tired of waiting, so I sat down XD 

Me, Ree-chan, and Gin-chan at nii-san's room. Ree-chan was upside down for several minutes XDD 

The last one was super hilarious! I almost burst into laugh, and that time I was still at the office! I have lots of fun!! Sadly I can't online too often because of the connection. Sigh...well I give Gin-chan the task to watch over nii-san's room and for the man himself XP 


Linda Tandayu said...

i have my ameblo account, but i think i forget the password.. xD

it's just like my another-abandoned-blog.. :|

KiRaidesu said...


I kinda like to blogging there. I can blog about more sensitive issues aka work XD