Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've order it to my friend, Mia.
I can't believe she successfully made it. I'm so happy!! ^O^
I intent to make it as my phone strap. But he's too cute to be hanging there. He'll get dirty and I afraid parts of his body would lose. So I keep him as a doll instead X3

His name is PAMO.
My 3rd brother has given the name. Please don't ask the meaning. It's very inappropriate XDDD


His tail is so cute X3 

PAMO with his car

PAMO inside his car

PAMO with manga that tomo has recomended

PAMO at work

PAMO: I'm watching you working

I've order another one to Mia. This time it's truly a doll. So the size will be larger.
Anyone might interested? *moving tail*

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