Sunday, January 22, 2012

New fan fictions are up!

Several weeks ago, I've become a zombie with octopus tentacles. Works were hectic and killing me inside...
But, at those times I still managed to wrote some fan fictions. Well, I had to. If not, my mind would surely going to blow up.

1. A Fairy Tale
"Hana meets Yasu at her garden. Yasu doesn't know who or what he's doing there. But he enjoys every single minutes he's spending with Hana. One day, his visions suddenly get blurry and Hana's image slowly fading away from him. What has happen?" [inspiration for the story is from "Yes" video preview - Acid Black Cherry].

2. A Day with vistlip
"umi gets up in the midnight to found the other members were playing video games while they need to get up early the next day. The members said everything will be alright, that they won't be late. Can umi trust the words?" [inspiration for the story came from their picture at the train station, their song "milk&macaron, and when umi teased Tohya at Music Japan Plus gig vol. 2].

3. Fantasy Rangers
"Teru comes from the future to find the so called Fantasy Rangers and fight together to protect the world. Can he succeed finding all of the rangers?" [inspiration came from Versailles 2012 calender image].

That's all for now. I've also finished vistlip: Bond of Brothers series. I will look for the time to post it. Hope people will enjoy reading it all. And please do kindly leave comments. Arigatou! X3

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