Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Tohya!

Today is the birthday of Tohya, vistlip no drummer.

Tohya is the most cheerful drummer I've ever seen.
He first attracted me on OZONE pv. In the video, he always looking at the camera and smiling. So different with the android drummer that always looking serious.
Also during live, Tohya always look at the crowd and...smiling. I thought it's quite an unique act. Since I think I haven't seen any drummer acting like that.

Later on I found out his reason for doing so. It's because he likes to see how the crowd react and to share the same excitement with them. He said that from his place, he can see everything at the live better.

I never thought of that before. I always thought that being a drummer is the last place people wanted to be. The position always being put far away at the back, also with less attention. As if being a drummer is like a supporting member. The drummer can't leave his set to have fun or going around the stage like the other positions. It feels like an outsider.

But, Tohya changed my mind.

With his thinking about the position, I become to accept the "importance" of the position. It's not an outsider. It's not a supporting member. It's part of the whole band, holding the same important role as the other positions. If the vocalist looked as the "front runner" of a band, then a drummer is the secret power that support the band from the back. The drummer will safely guard the band from the back.

Tohya is indeed a cheerful person. He always making funny jokes and teasing the others. Sometimes I feel irritated to see him always joking around and not being serious. But, that is Tohya, the band's mood  maker. The one that can always brings out the laugh and cheerfulness. The clown of the band. The one that make people happy and smiling. Beside goofing around, Tohya is also a great composer. He composed most of the band's songs. Even at the new album (ORDER MADE), Tohya has done the programming for all the songs. Such person that always looking not serious, turn out to be a great and skillful person and holds important role.

I honor you, Tohya. I rise my hat high for you.
I admit I was wrongly to judge you at first. For now I know the band won't be the same without you around. It will lost one of it's soul, the soul of happiness.
Thank you for always bring the cheer inside the band. Thank you for always smiling. Thank you for always giving your kisses at the fans.
This time it's my turn to give it back to you, to make you smile and feel all the love. For today it's your birthday.

Happy birthday for my dearly drummer.
May you always be happy and cheerful.
May you always be healthy.
May you always be successful.
May you always be you.
Best wishes for you.

My dearly drummer. I love you.

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