Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Truth or Dare?

So I made this post as an homework from Linda-chan. Have been wondering all night, along with my works, what secrets should I reveal?
To be honest, I have many secrets. And if I reveal it here it will be shocking (XD) well, maybe shocking (XP).

So after deep thinking, I decide to reveal some secrets below. Then again it's not that special (XP).

Lazy Polar Bear.
I'm a very very lazy person. My family know and really understand this (XP). I can spend the whole day just laying at bed, reading comic, listening to music, or just imagining things. I only get up to eat (don't ask about bath). When I'm lazy, I can become very lazy. (X3)

Watch out for dog!
I don't like to get touch. Either when people accidentally touch me. It feels strange and tickle. I also don't like doing kiss on the cheek...it's grossed....but sometimes I don't have any choice to do it....If I can, I would avoid it for sure!

(Not) a shopping girl.
My collection of comics are way too much than my clothing, even my comics have fills most space of my wardrobe (XD). I don't like to shop. I'll shop when I need one. But when it gets to comic, especially when I'm being stressed, I will bought comics like crazy.

No Pain No Fun.
I don't know the right term, but I always call myself a "mild masochist". It's not that I like to hurt myself. But every time I get a wound or slice, I would oftentimes press it and enjoy the pain (X3). When my index finger get stuck at a car's door, it get swelling. People were asking does it feel hurt. I said yes with a smiling face (XD).

Kimi = Me.
It's not a secret that I really love Kimi Raikkonen. But what people don't know is how deep my love for him. I love him so much! I love him with my heart and soul. He is the only man I'm going to love in this world. Ever since I pledge myself to him, I haven't look at any other man around. I love him not because of his look. I love him for his principles, way of mind, attitude, power, and mostly his honesty. He's living with his own way, that what adores me the most. And that's what make me loving him for years and forever. I have this wish, that someday...someday when everything has been settle down, he's living a quiet life, I will be there to take care of him :)

Well, that's all. Just like I've said, I still have many secrets. Maybe someday I will reveal it here :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New fan fictions are up!

Several weeks ago, I've become a zombie with octopus tentacles. Works were hectic and killing me inside...
But, at those times I still managed to wrote some fan fictions. Well, I had to. If not, my mind would surely going to blow up.

1. A Fairy Tale
"Hana meets Yasu at her garden. Yasu doesn't know who or what he's doing there. But he enjoys every single minutes he's spending with Hana. One day, his visions suddenly get blurry and Hana's image slowly fading away from him. What has happen?" [inspiration for the story is from "Yes" video preview - Acid Black Cherry].

2. A Day with vistlip
"umi gets up in the midnight to found the other members were playing video games while they need to get up early the next day. The members said everything will be alright, that they won't be late. Can umi trust the words?" [inspiration for the story came from their picture at the train station, their song "milk&macaron, and when umi teased Tohya at Music Japan Plus gig vol. 2].

3. Fantasy Rangers
"Teru comes from the future to find the so called Fantasy Rangers and fight together to protect the world. Can he succeed finding all of the rangers?" [inspiration came from Versailles 2012 calender image].

That's all for now. I've also finished vistlip: Bond of Brothers series. I will look for the time to post it. Hope people will enjoy reading it all. And please do kindly leave comments. Arigatou! X3

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've order it to my friend, Mia.
I can't believe she successfully made it. I'm so happy!! ^O^
I intent to make it as my phone strap. But he's too cute to be hanging there. He'll get dirty and I afraid parts of his body would lose. So I keep him as a doll instead X3

His name is PAMO.
My 3rd brother has given the name. Please don't ask the meaning. It's very inappropriate XDDD


His tail is so cute X3 

PAMO with his car

PAMO inside his car

PAMO with manga that tomo has recomended

PAMO at work

PAMO: I'm watching you working

I've order another one to Mia. This time it's truly a doll. So the size will be larger.
Anyone might interested? *moving tail*

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pigg's life

Weeks ago, the urge came to me. And I finally decide: I'll made ameba account!
Though I don't understand the Japanese words, but with the help from the link that shared by Blue-chan, I manage to made it. Ree-chan also help me to design it. I'm so grateful with their help!

Then Ree-chan asked me to play pigg. It's like an online chat at pigg. We made a character to go online and interact with other people there. I've made one when I first made the account. But, I haven't really used it. Ree-chan has teach me, and along with Gin-chan, we explore the pigg's world and also infiltrate the five barkin' animals lair XDDD

Yes, that's the urge I had. I've made ameba so I can send message directly to them, especially to nii-san X3 I don't know nii-san read the message or not, since every words were in English. But, just to think that my name was being on his inbox can make me smiling *crazy*

Anyway...I've played pigg with Ree-chan and Gin-chan. But I can't play it now since the connection isn't too good lately. So I have to stop T^T

And here's the memory when we played on nii-san's room. His room is officially our base camp XD

Gin-chan and me at nii-san's room. Gin-chan's look has improved now X3 

Me and Gin-chan were waiting for nii-san

Tired of waiting, so I sat down XD 

Me, Ree-chan, and Gin-chan at nii-san's room. Ree-chan was upside down for several minutes XDD 

The last one was super hilarious! I almost burst into laugh, and that time I was still at the office! I have lots of fun!! Sadly I can't online too often because of the connection. Sigh...well I give Gin-chan the task to watch over nii-san's room and for the man himself XP 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yasashii Uso

Lately, it feels hurt looking at you.
I want to ask the reason of this bad feeling.
But, I know you won't answer it. Instead it might bother you. Might be.
All I can do is keep trusting you. Keep believing and keep supporting you.
Hope everything goes well.


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

[stupidly] Proud

Yesterday was Tohya's birthday (vistlip no drummer).
I've made posts about his birthday on every account that I have.

At the afternoon, I've checked some birthday posts at Facebook group. I clicked "like" to every single post. Until I realize something odd with one post. I look back and read the words...

ARE?? CHOTTO! THAT WORDS ARE MINE!! O_O (<--- my tweet)

The words on the post were mine. I've post it on my tumblr. At first I didn't realize it was my words, and I stupidly clicked "like" orz

Here's the post at the group:

[and I "like" it XD]

And here's my post on tumblr: 

The tumblr actual post is here

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Tohya!

Today is the birthday of Tohya, vistlip no drummer.

Tohya is the most cheerful drummer I've ever seen.
He first attracted me on OZONE pv. In the video, he always looking at the camera and smiling. So different with the android drummer that always looking serious.
Also during live, Tohya always look at the crowd and...smiling. I thought it's quite an unique act. Since I think I haven't seen any drummer acting like that.

Later on I found out his reason for doing so. It's because he likes to see how the crowd react and to share the same excitement with them. He said that from his place, he can see everything at the live better.

I never thought of that before. I always thought that being a drummer is the last place people wanted to be. The position always being put far away at the back, also with less attention. As if being a drummer is like a supporting member. The drummer can't leave his set to have fun or going around the stage like the other positions. It feels like an outsider.

But, Tohya changed my mind.

With his thinking about the position, I become to accept the "importance" of the position. It's not an outsider. It's not a supporting member. It's part of the whole band, holding the same important role as the other positions. If the vocalist looked as the "front runner" of a band, then a drummer is the secret power that support the band from the back. The drummer will safely guard the band from the back.

Tohya is indeed a cheerful person. He always making funny jokes and teasing the others. Sometimes I feel irritated to see him always joking around and not being serious. But, that is Tohya, the band's mood  maker. The one that can always brings out the laugh and cheerfulness. The clown of the band. The one that make people happy and smiling. Beside goofing around, Tohya is also a great composer. He composed most of the band's songs. Even at the new album (ORDER MADE), Tohya has done the programming for all the songs. Such person that always looking not serious, turn out to be a great and skillful person and holds important role.

I honor you, Tohya. I rise my hat high for you.
I admit I was wrongly to judge you at first. For now I know the band won't be the same without you around. It will lost one of it's soul, the soul of happiness.
Thank you for always bring the cheer inside the band. Thank you for always smiling. Thank you for always giving your kisses at the fans.
This time it's my turn to give it back to you, to make you smile and feel all the love. For today it's your birthday.

Happy birthday for my dearly drummer.
May you always be happy and cheerful.
May you always be healthy.
May you always be successful.
May you always be you.
Best wishes for you.

My dearly drummer. I love you.