Friday, December 23, 2011

A year ago

A year ago shocking news came.

Kimi has lost his father.

It's a sudden news. No further information about the caused of the death. The family just want it to be private.
I can understand that. Because I was having the same feeling. I was feeling so sad as if as one of my importan person has gone.

Without the support from his father, Kimi won't ever be like now.
Without his father, Kimi won't become the person that I love so much like now. In fact, I won't ever know him in my life.

Dear our dad,
Dear Matti,
It won't be enough to say words of gratitude. Even so, thank you. Thank you so much for everything you've done. You won't ever be forget. You will always be remember. You will always be miss. You will always be love.
Please, keep watching Kimi from up there.

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