Sunday, December 18, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE – personal review

On December 14th, 2011, vistlip has released their 2nd album, ORDER MADE. I’ve order the vister version with a DVD as a bonus. The vister version consists of 16 tracks, with 4 instrumental songs and 12 songs track. And the DVD bonus consists of 3 videos: music video, music video actorless version, and a making of. I’ve been playing the CD over and over now, and haven’t got bored of it. I won’t ever get bored. What can I say? I love them more and more now.

As always, this is my personal review of the album, so it’s surely has a lot of my subjective point of view (^^).

  1. chapter: GEAR
It’s the opening track of the album. It’s a short instrumental and Tohya is the one who composed the track. The track uses the sound of clock ticking and heart beating which I think gave dramatic feeling when listen to it. As if I’m waiting for something. I bet they would use it as the opening theme on their lives, just like the one on Gather to the Theater.

  1. the wonderland from LAB.
Tohya composed the song and I admit I was so surprised he can compose such rocking and head banging song like this! The songs starts with some kind of electronically sounds along with heavy rocking guitar playing and a long scream before Tomo’s voice came out. My guess the one who scream and played the guitar is Umi-nii (^^). All the way I can hear Umi-nii’s rocking playing and his scream! I love the sound of it! I love the sound of the music! It’s a perfect one for live performance. I want to see this song being performed live. It will be a rocking and head banging one!

  1. android’s dream
Tohya composed the song again. It’s a light and catchy music, along with his light drumming play. Tomo’s voice also feels a bit light. I guess it’s to suit the condition of “dream”.

  1. RETRO
Music is composed by Tohya, and the music isn’t that different with android’s dream. Actually the both are quite similar (^^), but RETRO is a bit faster, cheerful, with up and down guitar playing. It will be fun to hear it during live.

  1. closed auction
Yuh is responsible for the music. The second rocking songs from the album! The drums and the guitar playing feel so rough and fast. Yuh also fills the song with his high melody playing.
Yuh composed it. And I LOVE IT!! SO VERY ROCKING! SO VERY FAST SONG! I can imagine the situation when the song is being play during live. I can imagine how Umi-nii would move along with the music (XD). I love the rap part. I believe it’s Tomo and Umi-nii who’s doing the rap in turns. Umi-nii’s guitar sound rough and scary as usual and Yuh fills the high melody beautifully and awesomely. A track that really suit for live!

  1. entrance of NIGHT PARADE
Tohya composed it. The second instrumental song and it’s awesome! The music is still connected with the original single track. And, I’ve just realized that this track has been played at their Revelation Space live! (after I watch it again)  

  1. milk&macaron
Rui composed the music. It’s the second song that I love in the album. The music is light, sweet, and cheerful. My body would shake every time I listen to it. It gives a calm and gentle feeling. I even can imagine the situation for the song: people walking with their love one or their friends, hand in hand, laughing cheerfully together, snow is dropping slowly and gently, with clear night sky with stars and lights from buildings and trees. Yes, the music is very suit for Christmas theme (^^). It’s a very beautiful work from Rui. Tomo has said that this song is his favorite one and I agree with him.   

The track starts with a woman talking in French. I’m not sure if it’s the true opening of the song or is it the ending of milk&macaron since the two songs sound still connecting. And I hear a violin playing at the beginning. I don’t remember to have heard it from the single track. This is the song that makes me fall for them. It’s a very memorable song for me.    

  1. Evil Rider
Rui composed it and it has the same feeling as milk&macaron, but a bit slows than the first. The music also gives calm feeling. Yes, the title obviously doesn’t suit the music at all (XD).  

  1. exit of I am…
It’s the third instrumental song. I was hoping that the track would be the live distribution single, though it still has the same part of music. It’ has a beautiful melody.

  1. Drama Queen
It’s the third rocking song with electronically sound at the beginning. It fills with screaming (from Umi-nii?) and fast drums hitting. It’s an energetic music!

It’s the track that always makes me wanting to cry, the theme of their coming back. I will always love it! It’s very rocking song, energetic, and gives spirit to keep walking forward.   

I LOVE IT!!! It has a unique tone. In the beginning it goes a bit fast, but it goes slowly in the refrain. Tohya’s drum very calming along with Rui’s bass. Umi-nii’s guitar is also raging at some point. I guess that what make the song still feels “vistlip”. Yuh’s playing completes it all. It’s so beautiful and dramatic. It doesn’t make me want to cry, but it surely gives sad feeling, especially when also watching the video. Too bad they put the song at number 14…I have to go long to hear it!! (>.<) 

  1. Hameln
This is the track of their 3rd anniversary. Same thing like SINDRA, I will always love it. The music is cheerful; the video is funny, one feeling I have for sure every time I listen to it: HAPPY!! It’s a perfect anniversary song!   

  1. chapter: END
It’s the last track and composed by Tohya. Just like the one from Theater album, it’s the closing track and an instrumental one. It has the same clock ticking as the opening track, also a heart beating. I can imagine how it will be depressed hearing it at the ending of their live. I would have the feeling I don’t want it to be the end. I still want to listen to the songs; I still want to watch them performed.

So, Tohya, Yuh, and Rui share the same amount in composing the music in the album. Too bad Umi-nii doesn’t compose anything, but I assumed he took part at some songs that they composed together. BUT! UMI-nii HAS DESIGN ALL THE COVER DESIGNS! And that made me so happy and proud! (X3). Also I have to say it again; I’m quite surprised with Tohya’s ability in composing some songs. I never think that a silly and always fooling around guy like him can make such great music. He even in charge for all the music programming, Awesome!! I raise my hat high for you, Tohya!

As for the DVD bonus, it consists of ORDER MADE music video, the actorless version, and the making of. The music video is beautiful, sweet, gentle, and sad. I like the light that used in the video. It suits to all of the feelings. And the look of everyone is… (TwT). Rui, Tohya, and Yuh are putting on their sad face; while Umi-nii is always bending his head or looking up at the ceiling, he never looked at the camera. I’ve cried for different reason because of this (XD). Tomo is also looking sad and sweet in the same time (XD). He’s looking awesome! I wonder why? Seeing him singing with eyes closed just make me wanting to hug him (XD). In this video is the first time they used actors. Usually on every video, it will only show them which of course I won’t ever objected.

The actorless version is the music video which only show them and without the actors. Love it!! Finally I can see Umi-nii though just in a short time (my main reason of happiness).

The making video, I wish I’ve continued my Japanese language study. I might have understood what they are saying. The video is start with showing Umi-nii, which I quickly screamed out (XD). But, he doesn’t do anything, just walking and playing his guitar (orz). There’s a part when Tomo was talking, then one by one came Tohya, Rui (who still has his confused look), and Yuh. I think Tomo was talking about how delicious Rui’s mother yakiniku. At the point I was hoping to see Umi-nii join the scene, but he doesn’t. Later on he was shown shooting for his part on the video. After the shooting over, one by one they do some talking but only Umi-nii’s part that has Tohya bugging him from the back with his cymbals (XDD). Every time Umi-nii’s talking, Tohya sounds the cymbals (XDD). Tohya is also asking some questions to Umi-nii by pretending that the cymbals who talked. It’s so funny to see how Umi-nii’s face would react every time Tohya sounds the cymbals. Through the talking, Umi-nii’s eyes were looking everywhere and rarely looking at the camera. But, when he does I quickly went blushing and screamed out. Yeah, I’m really obsessed with him!! (X3).

I get a shocking trading card as the other bonus. I was hoping to get Umi-nii’s trading card, but I get Tohya who was mimicking Umi-nii, complete with eye-glasses, blue guitar, and showing his middle finger! I was laughing hard when I saw it! Oh my…I just don’t know what to say. I was hoping for Umi-nii’s but I get Tohya who’s mimicking him…It’s quite the same I guess (XD). Now I really wondering who would Umi-nii mimicking (X3).

Along with the album, they give the schedule for their one man live tour. Finally Umi-nii’s wishing to have it can become true. The tour would start in March 2012 until June 2012. Maybe they would have the final one at their anniversary, and I would expect a DVD release for that! I have to start saving from now!! I also have the thinking (an urge?) to go to their live. But, what am I thinking? I don’t have much money (orz). Then I would just have to wait for any DVD release. It’s for the first time I’m asking for a band to release a DVD (XD).     

Over all, it’s a great album! Not a disappointed one. The title of the songs is unique and surprising the music doesn’t suit the title (XD). Though I do admit that this one is less rocking than Theater; this one has more sweet and gentle songs than Theater. But, I still enjoy it. I would make one note…I can’t tell big difference between the songs that are composed by one people, such android’s dream and RETRO or milk&macaron and Evil Rider, I can’t tell the difference when I listen to the beginning of the songs (or maybe I just haven’t get used to the songs yet?). Yuh done great job in doing his composing music. Still, I’m very proud with them. They have worked hard and I really appreciate their hard work. Thank you, guys! Love you so much!!  


Anonymous said...

thanks for review! do u know which member composed Sindra and Order made?

KiRaidesu said...

Thank you for reading <3

Sindra was composed by Tohya, while Order Made was composed by the band (vistlip). That what's written on the lyric's book ^^v