Friday, December 23, 2011

The Reason

The question aroused sometimes ago. And being a stupid, I can’t answer it correctly. I just said that I like it without any further explanations. And it doesn’t stop there.

Friend: “Why do you like Japanese music?”
Me: “I just like it,”
Friend: “Then you also like Korean music?”  
Me: “No, I don’t,”
Friend: “Why? Isn’t the same?”
Me: “Of course not. It’s different,”
Friend: “What’s the difference?”
Me: *thinking* “Well, they are different,”

orz… great answer KiRai-kun…

Once a friend also spot me when I was watching vistlip show at nico nico. She saw me laughing.

Friend: “Do you understand the words written there?” *points at the computer screen*
Me: “No,”
Friend: “Do you understand what they are saying?”
Me: “No,”
Friend: “Then why are you watching and laughing when you don’t know what they’re saying?”
Me: “It’s just fun to see them,”
Friend: “You’re weird”

orz… I know I’m a weird person, but somehow being told directly like that quite gave me a bit shocked (:D).

But, it surely makes me thinking about it. Why do I like Japanese music that much? I don’t understand the words. I don’t know what they are talking.

Well, the first thing I like from Japanese music is the voice from the vocalist. I like uniquely voice, such as hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel), Satsuki, and Kirito (Angelo). Then I go to the music. If the music doesn’t suit my ears, no matter how unique the vocalist sound, I won’t listen to it.

Sometimes it can go one way another: the voice doesn’t impress me that much, but if I like the music, and as long as the voice fits to it, I will keep listen. Japanese songs have unique sounds. It can combine many instruments to result a good, nice, catchy, and awesome sound. What I like the most is when modern and traditional music are combining together, like what Kaggra has done. It feels classic and majestic.      

About the lyric, I admit I don’t understand what the lyric is saying. But, if I get very interest with one song, I would definitely look for the translation. And the result sometimes surprised me. A hard and rocking song can be turn out talking about love. Once I’ve tried to do my own lyric translation. I failed. The only translation I’ve done and quite close to the real meaning is “Sayounara” from L’Arc~en~Ciel.

The lyric also doesn’t always talk about love. It can talk about friendship, global issues (environment, politic, war), feelings from the band, feelings for the fan, encouraging words, stories, promises, honesty, or even about cheating in a funny and cheerful music XP

I think the main reason why I like Japanese music and songs are because I actually don’t understand the lyric. Sometimes we just need to listen something good, despite who sings it or whatever the meaning. I think it goes like instrumental songs. We don’t know what instrumental songs talk about, it just give us good and calm feeling. That’s just why I like Japanese music. If I listen to a song that can be understand, I will be thinking about the meaning. If I listen to a song that I can sing along, then I will sing as it plays. For maybe what I need at the moment is just listen to a good music.

I usually don’t care that much about the lyric, also the style, the look, or the wardrobe the bands wore. If the two elements are already there (voice and music), then I won’t care for the rest. If I really like the song and want to understand the lyric, I’ll just look for the translation. Simple (^^).  
For genre, of course I like Japanese rock, but, to be honest not that too hard core music. Since sometimes in hard core music, voice and the music can’t blend too well. I also listen to another genre in Japanese music: pop and hip-hop, as long as my ears can accept it.    

So then next time I get the same question. I’ll just give this post to read XD 


Linda Tandayu said...

i dont think we need a reason to like something.. but yes, we must have reason in dislike something.. hehehe..

KiRaidesu said...


I always lost it every time someone ask why I like this and that. I'm thinking that they maybe interested if I can give more proper answer X3